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The Perfect Duo: Klairs Daily Comfort Hand Wash and Hand Cream

Skincare goes beyond the face—it applies to our hands too! Thankfully, one of my favorite skincare brands released products for the hand—The NEW Klairs Daily Comfort Hand Cream and Daily Comfort Hand Wash.

Since we are in the middle of a pandemic, keeping things sanitized is the best way to lessen our risk of contracting the virus. It's a known fact that our hands are the dirtiest things in our body thus, It is only fitting that we keep this sanitized, and the best way to do this is by washing our hands. Unfortunately, excessive washing of hands can leave it feeling dry and flaky therefore, using a hand cream is best.

Formulated with no harmful ingredients, your hands will surely love you for using the NEW Klairs Daily Comforting Hand Cream and Daily Comforting Hand Wash.

Daily Comforting Hand Wash

The Daily Comfort Hand Wash is unscented and claims to sanitize your hands without drying them because it contains plant-derived ingredients. It has a gel-like consistency and contains exfoliating beads to mildly exfoliate your hand.

When I first used this, I wasn't aware that it had exfoliants so I was quite surprised when I scrubbed my hands with it. Initially, I was a bit weirded out because it's my first time using a hand wash with exfoliants but eventually got used to the texture. In my opinion, having exfoliants in my hand wash was something I didn't know I needed. Our hands don't get as much love as our face, and as something we use a lot, I believe that it deserves more TLC. Having an exfoliating hand wash not only sanitizes our hands but rids of dead skin as well leaving our hands a lot softer.
Overall, I am so in love with this hand wash—I felt that it contributed to making my hands soft. Moreover, it effectively cleans my hands—I tried using this with greasy hands and it effectively got rid of the oiliness. I would, most definitely, purchase these. One thing I'd love, however, is that they make smaller versions of these for me to bring when I go out. Although it can easily be transferrable to smaller containers, it's hard to find a portable container that wouldn't clog due to the exfoliants.

Daily Comforting Hand Cream

The Daily Comforting Hand Cream is an unscented hand lotion formulated to keep your hands moisturized throughout the day. Since I keep sanitizing my hands through washing and spraying alcohol, my hands have been feeling so dry and are actually cracking. Due to this, I opted to purchase those hand creams and unfortunately, my sensitive nose couldn't handle the fragrance. Moreover, it left my hands feeling super greasy and it took so long to absorb. All of these weren't an issue with Klairs Hand Cream.

Unlike the previous hand creams I've used, this is definitely the best one. It is immediately absorbed by my hands and made my hands feel so soft without the greasy feeling—even when I touch something wet, I still don't get that greasy feeling which surprised me so much. To be completely honest, I was afraid that since it was unscented, it would smell kind of bad, however, I love its natural scent—it smells like nature!
Overall, I highly recommend this if you want to soothe dry hands without the greasy feeling. This is such a lifesaver for my hands because my hands no longer dry up. Moreover, I even received so many compliments on how soft my hands feel. The only disadvantage is that they do not sell small versions so I had to purchase a small container which I leave in my car, and I have another one in my bag.

I had such a great experience with both products and I would most definitely purchase some when I run out. This is available on Wishtrend.com and each bottle costs $30, which I believe is so worth it because I received this around February 2021 and I'm nowhere near half of each of the bottles. It's a bit on the pricey side however, it's definitely worth the try.

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