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Manila, Philippines


If you're looking for a way to treat your skin, face masks are the way to go. Using face masks is a must in my weekly skincare routine—I just love how it makes my skin feel and look after! Recently, ELEVATIONE, a luxury skincare brand, reached out to me to try their Vita-Firm Mask. As a lover of face masks, I said yes! If you're interested in hearing my thoughts about this product, then keep on reading.

About the Brand

ELEVATIONE is a beauty brand that was born from the idea that beauty goes beyond skin deep, and radiates even more than an aura—They believe that beauty is a concept, a construct, a method of expression, and an art. Upon checking their "About Us" page on their site, I noticed that their brand is all about preserving youth and stopping time.

About the Product

ELEVATIONE sent me their Vita-Firm Mask. This is a wash-off mask that claims to provide intense purification and to smooth and brighten skin by improving the skin's ability to retain water leaving you with a smooth and beautiful complexion. 

What caught my eyes is that they claimed that the Vita-Firm Mask is formulated with a patented complex called AQUALUXE (Master of Moisture). They claim that AQUALUXE "mimics the osmoprotectant system that enables marine algae to survive the alternating salinity of the estuaries. This phenomenal ingredient ensures an optimal skin hydration balance, improving the skin’s water holding capacity and boosting its moisture level for an extended time after application" (Elevatione).

First off, I am in love with the packaging. Just look at how classy and cute this is! It has a magnetic flap and once I opened it, an unexpected surprise awaited me. I can tell how much they put thought into the packaging. It is without a doubt that this experience would be luxurious for many. Upon opening, it was pretty straightforward. The mask itself was introduced, as well as an applicator. The packaging of the mask had some weight on it, and it didn't look and feel cheap—just by looking at it, you can tell that this is an expensive product.

A downside for me was that it was super hard to remove from the package—you really have to pull hard before you can get it out. For an expensive product, I think that this could be improved. Moreover, having it packed like this—in cardboard, made it seem cheap. I'd think that it would be placed in a classier holder. The box itself, though, was very nice and classy.

Opening the mask, there was a cover inside (not shown in the photo) to protect the product, as well as keep it clean and sanitized. This, for me, was a good addition. The product itself was white, and the consistency was just the right amount of thickness. A downside for me, though, is that this product is not fragrance-free and having a sensitive nose, the strong smell irritated my nose.

They recommend using this once or twice a week for 8-10 minutes. I, personally, use this every other week and leave it on for 10 minutes. Using the included applicator, I apply a thin layer on my skin. What I noticed is that you have to use a lot to be able to apply it to your skin—I just used this product twice and I'm already halfway through the bottle! If you were to use this once a week, I feel that this whole tub will only last you around 2 months which is a huge downside.

This only comes in one size: 50ml, and it costs a whopping $270 (around Php 13,500)! Honestly, when I first used this mask, I knew that it was expensive just by the packaging, but I was shocked when I made more research. I never expected that I'd be able to use skincare products from this price range.

Using this mask was amazing, however. I usually have a lot of dry spots on my skin, and suffer from dull skin. After using it, my skin felt so soft and hydrated! I also love the consistency of this product—it's not too thick that makes your skin feel stuffy whilst waiting for it to dry, nor too thin that it feels like you don't have a mask on. A downside, however, is that the product is fragranced, which is a big "no" to my sensitive nose.

Overall, I'd highly recommend this if you have the budget because it is quite expensive, and I believe that there are cheaper alternatives. What must be noted, however, that it is important to treat yourself every once in a while, and that self-care is important. If you're someone who loves to splurge or treat yourself, then I'd highly recommend this.