"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."—Eleanor Roosevelt


New Puppy!?

We all know how much I love dogs, and my dog recently gave birth, and guess what!? One of them is mine!

10 Things About Me + Video

I've started this blog a few years ago, and though the long time I've been here, I feel like you don't know a lot about me.

Today, I tell you more things about me

10 Things That Makes Me Happy

I'd say that happiness is one of the BEST things anyone could experience, especially for the older society, since we are usually stressed with work and "love life" at these times of our years.

We teens are mostly happy today since we are surrounded by our friends and family who continuously support us. In fact, it's usually hard for us to think about where we'll be around 10 years from now, are we still close with our family? or are we still friends with our high school friends?

16 Things I Learned In 16 Years + Video

I've been alive for thankfully 16 years for now and I'm so happy to be able to reach this age in my life. All of us learn something new almost everyday and I'm compiling 16 of the best things I learned as I grew.

What's In My School Bag + Video

As we all know, summer just ended school recently started - at least in my case, and we all have a school bag (duh Zoe) and we all have things we bring to school. For today's blog, I will be showing (yes showing) you all the things I bring to school every day.