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What's In My School Bag + Video

As we all know, summer just ended school recently started - at least in my case, and we all have a school bag (duh Zoe) and we all have things we bring to school. For today's blog, I will be showing (yes showing) you all the things I bring to school every day.

I filmed a video of this and if you're too lazy to read, you can watch it below.

This is my school bag, it's a Cath Kidston Smart Backpack and I got it online from Miss C. Boutique. It features a laptop pocket, a pocket outside, and a small pocket inside.

1. Outer Pocket

These are everything the outer pocket section of my bag contains. It has a Black Pouch where I put my pads for emergency, Clean & Clear Oil Films, and my Hygienix Alcohol.

The zipper of the outer pocket also holds my Stress Relief PocketBac Hand Sanitizer from Bath and Body Works.

2. Main Pocket

The first thing in my bag is my iPad. We only have 1 book for school and our school requires every Senior High School student an iPad which we can use for research.

Then I have my Brown Sugar & Fig Body Mist from Bath and Body Works. If I could describe this scent in 1 word, it would be: Amazing and Sweet. It's my one of my favorite scents from Bath and Body Works aside from Warm Vanilla Sugar

Then I have this cheetah (??) pencil case which I got online a few years ago but I forgot where I got it. This holds all the writing materials I need for school.

Fun Fact, All my g-tec pens has my name on them. I hate those people who randomly steals my pens

Then I have this Tumbler from Starbucks. I love this because it keeps my drinks cold for the WHOLE day like even though it's already our dismissal, it feels like it's fresh from house.

3. Laptop Pocket
No guys, I don't bring my laptop to school because it's prohibited unless we have a letter.

First is this plastic envelope which contains my pad paper for my quizzes and all those things. I got this from National Bookstore

Then I have this smaller Adventure Plastic Envelope which contains my filler notebooks. I also got this from National Bookstore

4. Mini Inner Pocket
The small pocket inside my bag contains my Powerbank and Lightning Connector Cord to charge my iPad in case of emergency, and my Apple Pencil since the case I ordered which can hold my pencil hasn't arrived yet.

Well, that's it for this blog! If I could choose a favorite thing I bring, it would probably be my iPad basically because I have all my notes, powerpoint presentations, and all those school stuff here. How about you? What the thing you love to bring the most to school?

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