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Why I Chose ABM

Our country recently implemented the K-12 Program. Senior High School, this phrase is familiar for some but for Filipinos, its a phrase some chose to love and some to hate. Senior High School is a 2-year program wherein students choose a track and there will be specific core subjects under their chosen track. Although choosing a track is difficult for some, I was able to choose my track immediately after it was implemented and announced to us.

Our school was one of the first to implement K-12. Our first batch of Grade 12 Students graduated last school year (2016-2017). I was Grade 6 when this was announced to us. Our school actually made up skip a grade level so that K-12 won't make such a big step for us which is a really good decision, in my opinion.

When I found out about the different tracks, my heart was immediately set on ABM(Accountancy, Business, Management), why? Because it's what I want to do for the rest of my life. I believe that entrepreneurship is my passion and I hope to one day start a business of my own.

I have considered the other tracks like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) because it seems that it covers essential subjects I need and I would like to build something someday. I also considered A&D (Arts and Design) because I want to create art (even though I can't draw) and I love to perform. But ABM is what I really want because I plan to take Business Management for college.

I really didn't have a hard time choosing my track because it's been my passion. I've been into entrepreneurship and selling since I was in Grade 6 and I enjoyed doing such.

My tips for you choosing your Senior High School track, go for what you love and want.
If you love Business and Math and want to be in the business world and banking industry someday, go for ABM (Accountancy, Business, Management).
If you're interested in Politics and writing, I think HUMSS (Humanities, Social Sciences) is the one for you.
If you'd maybe want to be a Doctor or get into Engineering, you'd probably go best with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math).
Or maybe you love performing or doing art and want to be a painter or artist someday, A&D (Arts and Design) is the one.
If you're unsure if you want to go to college after High School? Maybe you should go to TVL (Technical-Vocational-Livelihood).
Unsure and want to explore other options? Get in GAS (General Academic Strand).

Still unsure? List down the pros and cons of the stands you're interested in. Are you good at Math or want to develop your Math skills? Do you think you'll do better in the Science Industry? Do you love to debate and fight for what you think is right? Are you interested in maybe taking a music major for college? List down everything you're good at and interested in.

Remember that avoiding ABM or STEM because of Math is not such a good decision because there will be Math in every subject. Don't avoid any track because of your hatred in a subject because I assure you that our typical major subjects will be found in all tracks.

Choose what you love, not what your parents want for you. Remember that it's your future. Have a good talk with your parents if they don't agree with what you want.


  1. what are the advantage and disadvantage in choosing abm strand? give me 5 each

    1. To be honest, that's an answer only you can answer since you want your strand to somehow be related to your interests and planned college course. Example is when you want to take a business degree, there are subjects in ABM which will help you with college like accounting, business math, marketing, and organization and management.

      If you're aiming for a different path, however, I recommend you to go to a track which focuses on the core subjects of your college course.

      If you are unsure, you should try GAS or General Academic Strand. This will give you like an overview of all tracks, you get to join a core subject from each track, and you get to pick an elective

      You can also base it on the results on your NCAE. Which strand did you perform the best in your results? That can help a lot

      If you have more questions, you can email me at inquire@ayeitszoe.com. Let's talk more about it.

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome, Cedrick! Hope you made a good decision with your Senior High School strand.

  3. Ate why do we need to study the entrepreneurial inclination of ABM students?

  4. Ate why do we need to study the entrepreneurial inclination of ABM students?

  5. Replies
    1. Hi dear! Although I've already completed my ABM course, I believe that I'm not an expert in the field however, feel free to drop me an email at inquire@ayeitszoe.com or drop by my dm's on IG at @ayeitszoeee and I'll see if there's anything I can help you with.

  6. Hello ate,what is the school for abm? And why that school?


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