"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."—Eleanor Roosevelt


Subway® 12 Subs of Christmas

A sub for me, and another one for me as well. Did you know that I was able to get my 2nd sub for less than Php 100? This is all thanks to Subway's ® 12 Fresh Subs of Christmas deal where you can get 40% off your 2nd sub.

Healthy Sage: Slim N' Shape 30 Day Teatox Package

If you're like me who's always bloated, having difficulties with sleeping, and always feeling fatigued, it's probably a sign that your body is in need of a cleansing. This is where Healthy Sage's 30 Day Teatox comes to play.

Sweetums Candy: Hand-Picked Candies

Being a sweet tooth, it's crucial for me to have a bag of candy every day. One of my favorite candies is gummies—I love how chewy it is, and how unique the favors are. The only problem is that finding unique and good quality gummies is difficult—if I do find one which is to my standards, they're quite expensive. This is where Sweetums Candy comes in. Not only do they ensure yummy and unique gummies, but also ensures that their quality exceeds my expectations.