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Sweetums Candy: Hand-Picked Candies

Being a sweet tooth, it's crucial for me to have a bag of candy every day. One of my favorite candies is gummies—I love how chewy it is, and how unique the favors are. The only problem is that finding unique and good quality gummies is difficult—if I do find one which is to my standards, they're quite expensive. This is where Sweetums Candy comes in. Not only do they ensure yummy and unique gummies, but also ensures that their quality exceeds my expectations.

Sweetums Candy is a local brand that sells mix-and-match candies packs. They graciously sent me 2 packs of their candies—Sugar Rush (300g), and Sweet Swirl (750g), totaling over 1kg of candies!

Sugar Rush (300g)—Php 160

Left: Sugar Rush (Pink) | Right: Sweet Swirl (Blue)

Pretty self-explanatory —300g of candy packaged in a resealable bag. To be frank, I was so excited when I received these—I wasn't able to take photos of the sealed pack due to the fact that I opened these as soon as I received them because too excited to eat. It definitely did not disappoint! I munched on these goodies whilst watching my favorite KDramas, and immediately got rid of my stress. I recommend this pack if you're a sweet tooth like me who'll eat the pack of candies alone—no sharing allowed! Perfect to pair with Netflix as well! A bag will surely last you more than one episode of your favorite TV Shows.


Sweet Swirl (750g)—Php 300

Similar to the Sugar Rush bag,  Sweetums Candy's Sweet Swirl is packed in a resealable bag. If you love candies or would like to share these with your favorite people, then I'd highly recommend getting this pack. This will surely last you more than 1 season of your favorite TV shows, or would surely satisfy those whom you share these with.

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I really loved indulging in these candies, as well as sharing them with my family members. The candies I received were definitely unique, of high quality, and satisfied my taste buds. As of writing, they're having a Christmas Sale where you can get 4 bags of Sweetums Candy at a cheaper price—perfect for giving as a gift for Christmas or just sharing with your loved ones.

Sweetums Candy