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Review: Sgt. At Arms

If you were like me who was addicted to shaving their underarms, then it's possible that you've encountered dark underarms or chicken skin. It was such a panic for me since prom was coming and my underarms were still dark. I've searched for good underarm whitening treatments which could work asap since prom was a month away and this product always came to my results. Today, I'll be giving you an honest review of this product.

This post is about Fairness&Flawless Sgt. At Arms. If you're looking to read a review about Fresh Formula's Sgt. At Arms, click here.

Fairness & Flawless is a brand familiar to me since 2014 when online shopping became a thing, but I've never got a chance to try their products.

A month before prom, I've gotten my prom dress and it was sleeveless and I immediately panicked since I needed to get my underarms whiter asap and it seemed impossible. I purchased Fairness & Flawless' Sgt. At Arms Whitening Cream and Deodorant duo. It was priced at Php 399 and I got it from Shopee

At first glance, it looked cheap quality but upon opening the items from the box, they looked great. I took a sniff on cream and it smelled okay. The deodorant, however, smelled of alcohol even though they claimed that there was no alcohol.

The deodorant claims to:
- Lighten underarms
- Anti-Perspirant
- Fights Body Odor
- Prevents chicken skin
- Smoothens and Firm Underarm Skin
- Mild, Gentle, and Alcohol-free

I changed my mind about the quality of the packaging on the deodorant. It was a cheaply made spray bottle. I spray this on my underarms twice in the morning and evening. It does work as an antiperspirant. I had no body odor throughout the day and it lasted for more than a month. After using it for a week, I noticed that I had lesser chicken skin, but I still got sweaty easily. The whitening effect I was looking for, however, was not there.

The whitening cream claims to:
- Whiten and Clarify
- Gently Exfoliates and Detoxify
- Protects While Nourishing Skin
- Suitable for Sensitive Skin
- Safe to use on Bikini and Groin Area

disclaimer: I've already finished the product. If you purchase, it will be full all the way to the top.

After a week of usage, I saw no visible results on whitening my underarms but I still gave it another week. No visible results on me. Anyway, I still used the item until it finished but I've used a whitening scrub and did the lemon method to help whiten my underarms.

The Verdict
Di talaga ako hiyang sa product na ito. I've read a few reviews and it seemed to work on some of them. I like how the product lessened my chicken skin, but that was it. My underarms didn't improve in terms of whitening. Don't make my review stop you from purchasing, it never hurts to try. I never purchased this again and the lemon method works better in whitening my underarms. If you would like to try this product, click here for the link as to where I purchased it.

Lemon Method
  1. Get a lemon and slice a small piece
  2. Slice the small piece into half. You should now have 2 small slices of lemon
  3. Put the lemon on your underarms for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Before removing, scrub the lemon slice on your underarm for a few seconds then rinse off



  1. parang nice lagi yan pero sabi mo di gumana sayo kaya di ko rin bili kasi baka di rin gumana sa akin. Thank you for your honesty. Naappreciate ko to.

    1. Hello! Just because it doesn't work for me doesn't mean it won't work for you as well. Give it a try! You'll never know.

  2. Halaaa parang ayaw ko na rin mag try huhu. I'm losing hope na. Kasi last Feb nag order din ako ng UA lightening product but it never worked for me.. Nasa hiyangan lang talaga ng skin

    1. Hi! I'm currently using Fresh Formula's SGT At Arms which is the same formula as this one. From what I know, they purchased the formulation I think? So far I've seen improvements on my underarms which is why I'm planning to create an updated review.

      Try the methods I use now:
      1. Clean your underarms with micellar water before taking a bath in the evening.
      2. Use natural deodorants—I feel like the included deodorant isn't enough to tame mine so I use another deodorant. The one I use is Milcu, but you can use any as long as there's not much chemicals.
      3. Exfoliate! I recommend you exfoliate at least once a week with Abonne Salt Body Scrub. This is the one I use on my underarms and body, and my skin is instantly smoother after. It's important to exfoliate because it will help remove dead skin leaving you with smoother, whiter skin.
      4. If you shave, STOP. It's best to wax with sugar wax since it's all natural and waxing also helps remove dead skin cells.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Lemon is NOT good for underarms. Maybe that's the reason why it doesn't lighten.


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