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Healthy Sage: Slim N' Shape 30 Day Teatox Package

If you're like me who's always bloated, having difficulties with sleeping, and always feeling fatigued, it's probably a sign that your body is in need of a cleansing. This is where Healthy Sage's 30 Day Teatox comes to play.

Healthy Sage kindly sent me their Slim N' Shape kit which, according to their website, is curated for those who are trying to lose weight. This kit claims to boost metabolism, aid weight loss, and help detoxify your system. It contains the following: Deep Renew, Hibiscus Power, Loose Jasmine, Gentle Leaf, Raw Forest Honey, 30-Day Teatox Calendar, and 30pcs Virgin Silk Tea Bags.

Deep Renew Detox Tea (Php 450)

This tea brew is formulated with dandelion, mulberry, rosemary, goji, and orange peel, proven to improve heart health, prevent diabetes, flush out bad toxins, and improve brain function. Furthermore, Healthy Sage claims that this brew is the perfect blend for fruity tea lovers, such as myself, because it contains milky oolong leaves, strawberries, and oranges. This brew definitely did not disappoint. I loved how it tastes and I would most definitely purchase this separately.

Hibiscus Power Tea (Php 299)

According to Healthy Sage, this tea brew is formulated with hibiscus petals, goji, and mint which are proven to improve digestion, aid in weight loss, boost liver health and lower cholesterol levels. The best thing about this brew is that Healthy Sage used freshly-picked and dried hibiscus petals which creates a relaxing aroma. This is definitely one of my favorite. Being a suki of Starbucks' Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls, this brew definitely hit a sweet spot. With the added mint, it's surely an addition to my favorite tea brews.

Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea (Php 400)

Healthy Sage's Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea is formulated with jasmine loose leaves which are bursting with antioxidants, have anti-aging properties, cleanses deep toxins, and regulates blood pressure. Combined with green tea, this blend calms the mind and body with its uncommon flavor. This brew is one which I consumed the most—and for good reason! I loved how this made me feel—its soothing flavor definitely made me feel at ease.


Gentle Leaf Cleanse Tea (Php 349)

This brew contains chrysanthemum, goji, and bamboo, proven to improve eye health, boost the immune system, and ease headache and stress. Healthy Sage recommends this brew to avid tea drinkers who love a sweet aroma. To be frank, this is the brew that I wasn't a fan of—I'm not such a fan of the combination with bamboos.

Healthy Sage's Slim N' Shape 30 Day Teatox Package is definitely something you wouldn't want to miss. I think that the set is effective due to the fact that, warning: TMI, I'm able to pass every day whilst following their 30-Day Teatox Calendar. Furthermore, I drink a teapot of this every evening and I feel that I'm able to fall asleep a lot quicker as compared to the nights when I don't take their tea.

Their 30 Day Teatox Package is definitely worth is for Php 1,499 due to the fact that it contains 4 tea brews along with Raw Forest Honey and a 30-Day Calendar which you can follow for maximum efficiency of your purchased kit. Furthermore, there are 5 different variations which to match your goals: Slim N' Shape (Weightloss), Supreme Cleanse (Detoxification), Midnight Dream (Better Sleep), Brain Boost (Memory Boost), and Berry Blash (Light Cleanse.)

You may purchase Healthy Sage products at https://healthysageph.com/

Healthy Sage

Disclaimer: Products were sent to me in exchange for an honest review


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