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Review: 9.7 Inch iPad Pro

The iPad Pro started it's legacy with the 12.9 inch which was an extremely large iPad and very difficult to bring with you. A lot were relieved when Apple announced a smaller 9.7 inch iPad Pro.

I recently got the iPad Pro mainly because it's a requirement in school, but this is too beautiful to not give my review on it.

The one I have is a 128gb Wifi version in Rose Gold.

This iPad Pro is the first iPad to get the Rose Gold Color and a true tone flash. This features a 12mp camera which is the same as the camera on the iPhone 6s and currently the best camera on an iPad.

It can film 4k Video at 30fps which is also featured in the iPhone 7

This is also the first and only Apple device with the true tone display which adjusts the display based on your environment.

Like the 12.9 inch iPad Pro, this iPad also features the 4 speakers on each side which is amazing. The sound quality of this iPad is the best based on my experiences. I love how in any orientation I put my iPad in, the sound is still clear and perfect.

Along with the iPad Pro, I also got the Apple Pencil which is an accessory made only for the iPad Pro and I love the Apple Pencil. Many people say that the pencil is too heavy or slippery, but I have no issues with the pencil within 1 week of usage

I can conclude that this is the best iPad out there at the moment and I really recommend this to students and artists. The Apple Pencil is like a real pencil with many features that other stylus doesn't have. The iPad Pro is a very powerful device and ultra-fast too.