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Foodtrips with Zoe: Manila Wings


Food play a huge important role to each and every one of us these days (except for those who has diet) and all we know are local food chains like Mcdo, Jollibee, ect. and we don't really seem to acknowledge those unknown but yummy restaurant we all have probably ate in. It doesn't really matter; restaurant, cafe, ect.
One of which places I've ate in last weekend was a restaurant called "Manila Wings" and it is located in the popular Lilac St. in Marikina. This place is known to have many chains of restaurant/cafe/tambayan EVERYWHERE and believe me when I say this EVERYWHERE.

The exterior may not look that pleasing to the eyes but when you enter, it looks like you're in a retro place commonly found in US or those old movies where in the movie stars would eat in a diner.

The food is absolutely amazing, kinda costs much but totally worth it. My family and I bought these AMAZING nachos! I honestly didn't expect it to look and taste this much! It was so yummy! My brother and I would also fight over the cheese. I myself is getting hungry as I write this blog post. Jeez

Another of the delicious food we bought was their signature dish which were buffalo wings, they were called Honey Garlic (left) and Parmesan (right) Buffalo wings. The Honey Garlic one kind of tastes like the one they have in Bon Chon which was very yummy. The Parmesan was also yummy and it's great for kids because they were cheesy and sweet.

I also tasted their taco. It had soft shell and to be honest, they weren't that good. I think they added too much soy sauce which made it VERY salty and I really didn't want to eat it anymore but I had no choice.

Lastly, we decided to take a taste on their french fries. Like the nachos, it was filled with cheese and all we did was fight over the cheese. Though there were cheese, the fries without the cheese had no flavour in them and I wouldn't eat them without the cheese but they are so yummy with the melted cheese

We all have preferences but we all know we want to try something new everyday and that's not bad. It's actually very interesting that you suddenly want to do this and that. I want to know which unknown restaurant you absolutely love! let me know in the comment section below

If you want to check out where this is, here are the details for you guys:

40 Lilac Street, Hacienda Heights, Concepcion Dos, Marikina City
+63 9088221183
02 3985408


  1. Omg i'm gonna ask my folks to eat there it looks delicious


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