"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."—Eleanor Roosevelt


Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Bucketlist 2015

Everyone of us probably has things they want to achieve before they die or even just before they get a job and never have free tine. If you don't know what a bucket list is, it is basically stuff you want to do before you die, I know I'm not the only one who has things they want to do before they die, we may not have an exact list on your notebooks, or phones but inside, I know you all want something specific to do before death comes (which I hope is far from today)

1. Travel With My friends
     We all have friends right? ( if you don't, I'm here), most of us actually wants this! imagine going to different countries with your friends only! Yes! No companions or parents to interfere with what you wanna do, just you and your friends hanging out

2. Visit Bora Bora
     Bora Bora is a small island with nice beaches and on water styled cabins, best yet, to visit this place with my closest friends! That would be so cool and fun!

3. Try To Skydive
     I mean who doesn't wanna skydive?, ehem those scaredy cats, my aunt who lives in Philadelphia tried it and I'm so jealous :(, I wanna sky dive and it looks so fun!

4. Find "The One"
     Based on some people, "WALANG FOREVER!" and YES! That's so true but then you forgot 'eternity', there may be no forever but there's eternity. People are so focused with forever, why can't they focus with Eternity because Eternity is so much longer than Forever. Like all those romantic peeps who reads romantic books, I wanna find the one who would make me smile.

5. Try Youtube
     I've always wanted to be a famous youtuber, not because of the money or fame, but because I really want to entertain people and make them smile, I wanna meet all those who would probably watch my videos and I wanna inspire those who also wants to start Youtube.

Well, I guess those are it! for now. . . I know you have activities you want to do before you die! and I wanna know what you wanna do before you die! You may not have a long list but every thing you want is important. Let me know your mini-bucketlist by leaving a comment below!