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How To: Better Instagram Feed

We all know how frustrating it is to choose the best theme for our Instagram account. I remembered the first time I made my Instagram account, I actually was a person who posts everything and has like 1,000 posts and 3,000 following, then I thought about changing my photos because I post everything I see. . . LITERALLY! So I actually made effort in deleting ALL my photos and unfollowing most users I don't even know. I actually did this because I didn't want to loose my 500+ followers but we all know that this blog post isn't about my Instagram past but I'm going to help you with your feed.

1. Pick The Photos With The Best Quality
     The first thing we need to consider is the quality of our photo's. DON'T PICK THE ONES WHERE IN YOU CAN SEE THE PIXELS! You don't specifically need to use a DSLR,  A phone with a high quality camera would suffice

2. Be You
     The next thing you need to keep in mind is to be yourself and try your best not to copy other's themes and photo's. Thats something that ruins the feed sometimes, people trying to show this and that off and we all know how annoying that is.

3. Editing The Right Photos
     Before posting your photo, you need to edit it first. The editing apps I use are: VSCO CAM & Phonto for effects, and Phonto for my watermark. It is important to use a watermark especially when the photo you took is pretty. It's very easy to steal photos in our generation and who would want their "best" captured photo in someone else's account without giving you credits? Make sure you edit photos that really need editing to match your feed! You don't always need the same amount of exposure in every photos, that depends on your lighting.
4. Experiment With Your Lighting
     Don't ever take photos of something very bright or dark! Those will ruin your feed I mean literally! Experiment with your lighting! Pick the one that's just right! Not to dark nor too bright. I also think you shouldn't use your phone flash unless it's necessary! Those will sometimes ruin your photos when you can edit it and make the photo brighter

5. Don't Constantly Post
     One thing followers hate on instagram are the spammers. When they post useless stuff and the gap of their posts are like 1 second! Don't you find that annoying? Like you're so tempted to click unfollow but then they're your friend or you really like the content of the account. Followers wont only unfollow you but also scroll past your post.

Those are some things I can list up! I know I actually say the same thing or I'm really bad with the grammar but I hope to get better. Those are how I make my feed not that crappy (even though I know it is) and how I stop annoying my followers

How about you? What do you do to make your feed look good and organised? Let me know in the comment section below 😊