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Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

6 Random Facts About Me

I started on this blog like 5 months ago and every post I make, I still feel like you don't know that much form me and I think that it's very rude for me like people reading your blogs and you haven't formally introduced yourself. In addition to that, I compiled 6 facts you probably don't/didn't know about me with the 5 month we've been together

1. My birthday is on June 20, 2001 which makes me 14, yes, I'm just 14. A lot tells me I look younger or in worst cases, older. ugh.

2. I have Japanese blood in me thanks to my mom. My middle initial, H., is actually Homo and people would laugh at my middle initial. Jeez! It's just a middle initial!

3. I love taking and editing photos and videos. My gift (known as club) in school is actually video production and our class makes the videos for school and we're sometimes chosen to be a part of the documentary team in school which is actually both stressful and fun.

4. I love eating. sure, call me fat, i don't care, as long as I have my food, I won't care.

5. I live in the Philippines. People think that bloggers needs to be americans or living in the america like I find that annoying when people tell me I have no future in being a blogger. Okay the think is I don't care. I love what I'm doing and they can't change that

6. I am a HUGE SHOPAHOLIC. I am a huge shopper, like don't take me to the mall because if you do, you won't be able to control me like I'm going to spend ALL of my money! Even if I know I'm saving up, I wouldn't be able to hold it

We all know that everyone has secrets of their own and facts that no one knows, How about you tell me one of them? Comment below one fact that maybe your friends or family only knows.