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Morong, Bataan, Philippines


This weekend, we went to PAFCPIC'S outing which was held in Morong, Bataan near Subic. I had a very hard time trying to take the best pictures because this place is just SO AWESOME and we were in a hotel called Phi-Phi Beach Resort I know! A really weird name but it's awesome here.

We got the Suite and it has 2 King Sized beds and a Double Sized bed plus a flat screen TV and a shower with a heater

I don't really know why I took a photo of this but yah.

When we got there, we rested for a while then we got ready to swim. My cousins, my brother and I started with the pool. The pools were so cool. The water was warm though it was kind of dirty due to the other kids swimming in the pool
the kiddie pool.

Infinity Type Pool

As we swam in the pool, we went to the beach. Since it was afternoon, it was very hot which makes the sand hot. Once sand got in our slippers, we then started running and shouting due to the hotness of the sand. We were in awe when we got to the water
the view of the beach in the balcony

We got sad when we found out that the water of the beach was also warm but as we go further, the lower parts of the water was cold. we then sat on the sand and it being low tide makes it easy for us.

After our swimming, my cousin and I just stayed in the room and played Uno and started taking pictures
playing uno since we were bored

my cousin admiring our room door

my cousin idolizing Morong

both of us being happy in Morong

When dinner came, we were thrilled just because we were very hungry. Dinner consist of Rice, Chapseuy, Beef Steak, and more.
It may not look a lot but it's very yummy

a special presentation by a band

After we ate, we took more ridiculous pictures and we went to the beach to go and catch baby crabs. We caught about 7 and honestly, I don't know what happened to them

my cousin and her selfie with the statue

We actually had fun. It's been a long time since we've been to Morong. Our past hotel was called Morong Star about 2 years ago. I couldn't bee more happier to get back here and I honestly couldn't wait to go back. Thank You for taking your time in reading my wrong grammars. I hope to see you soon on my next blog!