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April Favorites!

Hey guys! I decided to make my own gif for the "hello" and you probably don't get it so IGNORE ME.

So! What's up guys!? I know you read the title, April Favorites. You may probably be thinking "Zoe! April isn't over yet!" or stuff like that but you know what? I'm bored and I wanna blog about my favorite items or my mostly used items THIS MONTH!

Let's start with me explaining what I'm going to do every end of the month and that is posting a blog about the items I mostly USE or WEAR the past month so I could be redoing some items because I usually use them all of the time but with out further ado, let's start this month's favorites

1. Instax Mini 8
I mean who doesn't like photography? Especially when you get the right when you take the picture! There are only a few disadvantages of a polaroid camera. Some of which includes expensive films and if the photo you took was a fail which makes you need to give the picture to someone else or waste it.

2. Starbucks Planner

Since it's summer, we really have to plan a lot of stuff like the activities we're planning to do or what if I have friends who wants to have a hang out with me, I'd know if I have other plans on those days those friends are planning to have a hang out. It's also easy for me not to forget the stuff I scheduled for the entire week.

3. Chokers
These stuff got famous like ber month last year and I still wear them. They make my skater skirt outfit complete. I don't know hot to feel if I don't wear these with my skater skirts

4. Stardust Case
Some of you may not be familiar with this case but it's a case that has glitters and stars in water which makes it move. I know! Cool right? Plus the case looks nice with the iPhone I have!

So I guess those are it! I honestly don't know what to post. Next blog I think will be on Sunday since my family and I will go to a company outing this Saturday and I'm so excited. I've never been to that place yet! Thank's for taking your time in reading this blog!