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Project Bare 2-in-1 IPL Device: How To Got Rid of Hair Permanently at Home

Growing up, one of my biggest insecurity is being hairy. I kid you not when I say I've tried every way to get rid of them. I started with shaving and hair removal creams in my early teens then discovered how painless waxing was and loved how long it took for my hair to grow. Though I liked waxing, I wanted to try something more long term thus, after much research, I discovered laser hair removal.

One of the things that surprised me with laser hair removal is its price—after doing extensive research, I discovered how a session could reach as high as Php 15,000. Due to its cost, I concluded that it was NOT an option for me.

Recently, I discovered that there are mini handheld IPL devices. Initially, I was skeptical since it seemed impossible because, for as little as Php 5,000, I can *permanently* get rid of all the hair on my body. Still, I gave it a chance since what do I have to lose anyway right?

I decided on Project Bare's 2-in-1 IPL device after reading numerous good reviews from a Facebook group I'm in. Their IPL device costs Php 5,500 however, I got it whilst it was on promo for only Php 4,950. Their IPL device features 8 intensity and a skin rejuvenating function.

I started my session with my legs and underarms last July. I started with intensity 6, doing the sessions twice a week because I have thick hair. I increase the intensity by 1 every week and gradually decrease the sessions starting with once a week the following month, to once every 2 weeks in September to present. At first, I wasn't really getting any results and thought that it wasn't working for me, however, I told myself that I just have to be consistent with it so I just went on with zapping my hair off. Fortunately, I eventually saw noticeable results.—I was able to pull the hair without any resistance, and noticed lesser hair growth. The fact that I was able to widen the gap between my sessions, for me, proves how effective this product is. The best part? There is little to no pain!

Overall, I recommend this product to those who want a long-term hair removal method without breaking their wallet. I got good results and the fact that you can use this product for a long time, and at any body part makes it super worth the investment.

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Disclaimer: this post is NOT sponsored. I purchased this with my own money. Thoughts are my own.