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Music Factory: Where to Get Affordable Ukuleles and Guitars in the Philippines

If you're in the market for getting a new ukulele or guitar but don't want to spend too much, you're in luck because I found just the shop where you can get new instruments without breaking your wallet.

Last year, I purchased a ukulele because I wanted to learn—given that we're in lockdowns, I wanted to make it worthwhile by learning a new skill. Quality and affordability are some of the things I looked for when I decided where to purchase—I wouldn't want to spend thousands only to have it break within a week. Aside from this, since we're in lockdown, it was more convenient for me to purchase online since I wouldn't want to risk exposing myself to the virus so the quality of packaging was also important for me because I wanted my instrument to arrive intact. With all of these in mind, I scouted Shopee and discovered a shop that met all my needs: Music Factory.

Despite numerous more affordable options, I settled with their Grailton All-Mahogany Concert Ukulele because I liked the natural wood. Aside from the ukulele, I also purchased their Thomson Clip On Tuner T-11 to pair with my ukulele. The rest are freebies.

As expected, the item was packed well, and despite my fear, it arrived without any flaws or issues. Recently, Music Factory also posted how they pack their products, and based on the video, I got the assurance that they really ship their items with utmost care.

Their Grailton All-Mahogany Concert Ukulele is priced at Php 2,199 for the unit without a pickup, and Php 2,519 for the model with a pickup. As expected, the quality of this is very good—in fact, 1 year later, it still works and looks brand new! If this is a little over your budget, they also have a more affordable model—Carlton Concert Ukulele.

Priced at only Php 950, Music Factory's Carlton Concert Ukulele is great for those who are just learning how to play the ukulele, or need a new one without hurting their wallet. With over 500 5-star reviews, this ukulele is proven to be worth the investment since it's very durable and doesn't sound cheap at all when played. Unlike other cheaper ukuleles, Music Factory's Carlton Concert Ukulele is made of laminated plywood with a glossy finish to increase its durability. The best part? it comes in over 10 different designs to choose from so you can freely show your style! You can view their whole ukulele catalog here. Aside from the ukulele itself, you'll also be receiving a variety of freebies namely a ukulele bag, instructional booklet, and picks.

Aside from ukuleles, Music Factory also sells affordable high-quality guitars starting at Php 1,349. Similar to their ukuleles, their guitars are of high quality despite their affordability—with over 500 units sold and 100 5-star reviews, you can be assured that their guitars are of great quality. You can also freely express your style because there are also over 10 designs to choose from. You can view their entire guitar catalog here. Aside from the guitar, you'll also be getting freebies namely guitar bag, strap, and picks.

It is without a doubt that Music Factory is the best online store for ukuleles and guitars because not only are their products affordable but are very durable as well. Their sales representative is also very kind to talk to when you have questions or issues with your order. I had such a pleasant shopping experience with them, and I bet you will too. What're you waiting for? Shop now!

Music Factory


  1. Support local! Great quality at an affordable price πŸ’—

  2. Omg get a guitar next time! I could personally teach u ❤️ So glad ure exploring more instrus para next time we can jam sesh na! πŸ’‹

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  4. Perfect for beginners exploring music!!

  5. That's nice! I wanted to learn to play ukalele too but I haven't have the time to buy one.


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