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Double Dare OMG! Red

StyleKorean, an online-based KBeauty store, recently sent me a few products to try out specifically the OMG! Red collection by Double Dare. OMG! Red is a collection by Double Dare that claims to revitalize skin boosting firmness and elasticity, as well as quench your skin with deep hydration.

They sent me the OMG! Red Deluxe Kit which retails for $78.85 and this contains the OMG! Red Water SerumOMG! Red MPR Glow, and OMG! Red+Snail Mask.

OMG! Red Water Serum ($32) & OMG! Red MPR Glow ($35)

The OMG! Red Water Serum claims to instantly feed your skin with a burst of hydration. It is infused with 75% coconut water which helps smooth uneven skin texture by minimizing the appearance of pores. The texture of this product is like water and is lightweight. My skin absorbed the serum almost immediately and my skin felt much hydrated after. I use this in the evening and I wake up with my skin looking fresh and hydrated. One thing I love about this serum is the scent—for some reason, it smells like laundry detergent for me.

The OMG! MPR Glow is a luxurious serum that will sculpt and lift for younger-looking skin. This skin-plumping serum is packed with powerful anti-aging botanicals with a high content of antioxidants to boost defense in the skin to regain ultimate youthful skin. The texture of this product is definitely much thicker than the water serum. I use this every evening and upon application, it makes my skin look sticky, however, my skin looks fresh when I wake up—no oiliness, just hydrated looking skin. I also use this as a primer before applying my chosen foundation and it does a good job in shrinking my pores and it doesn't really affect my makeup.

OMG! Red+Snail Mask ($3.95)

The OMG! Red+Snail Mask is infused with Super 8 Red ingredients that your skin will love and will improve its overall appearance. It also contains Snail Secretion Filtrate that delivers antioxidant properties, as well as the ability to stimulate collagen production and enhance skin healing. So far, I've used 2 of these already and I love the texture of this mask. It's sticky but once removed, my skin felt super hydrated. The only thing I don't like about this product is that it's quite messy because there's a protective film you have to remove first, otherwise, I super love this mask.

The products StyleKorean sent me did not disappoint and they did as claimed. My skin feels super hydrated and smooth after using the products. Although I think that there are products which are more affordable and do the same as these. Overall, however, I would definitely purchase the OMG! Red+Snail Mask again due to the results it delivered and the affordable price of $3.95. The other products—OMG! Red Water Serum, and OMG! Red MPR Glow, are debatable. I believe that there would be better alternatives.

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