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April Favorites

Every month, we do a whole lot of different things compared to the previous month. It's been a long long time since I did a "Monthly Favorites" blog post. In fact, my previous monthly favorites were last April 2015, making this my first "Monthly Favorites" in 2 years.

1. Laptop
Topping my list this month is my laptop because of 1 reason only: School is over, it feels so nice to be able to use my laptop without thinking about the homework I have to accomplish, and all those researches due the next day. It also feels so good to be able to delete all those school projects I made in Microsoft Word and get more space for the many many pictures I'll be saving on my laptop this summer. I got my sweater from H&M and I purchased my laptop from Powermac, in fact, I did a review on it a few years back here


2. Welded Wire Mesh
These are the best way to put reminders for me, and pictures as well on what I did this summer. Yes, it's just taped on the wall because I haven't purchased those wall hangers yet. If you're wondering where I got this, I just found it in the house, I think you can buy these in hardware.


3. Selfie Stick with Shutter
I know that not many people use these anymore, but I still do, especially when we travel. I think the one I got is good because you don't need to set a timer on your phone and you don't need to turn on Bluetooth because all you need to do is to stick the wire in your phone, although those who own an iPhone 7 will have serious problems with this. I got this for a Buy 1 Take 1 offer from Lazada for only Php 190


4. Bedroom Wall Art
These aren't related to summer, but wall art is a current obsession I have this month, in fact, I design bedroom art and other printables here. I got the frames for about Php 100 from Japan Home Center. The prints are from Chicfetti, they have an amazing selection on their site for free.


5. Instax Mini
I know these are "laos" these days but it's summer and it's nice to take photos and get them printed instantly. You can get this exact same camera I have from Instaxtic on Instagram for only Php 4,850 which already includes a pack of films. I forgot where I got my case but Instaxtic sells them as well.


6. Planner
Summer is probably one of the times where we have a lot of plans, and it's hard to keep up with these plans you made without a planner. Planners are essential to me, if you know me personally, you know that I always bring my planner everywhere I go, and planners will always be in my Monthly Favorites. The planner I have is the 'classic' Starbucks Planner. I love these so much, especially trying to earn stickers to get the planner because I will always have an excuse to tell why I need to go to Starbucks.

These are all I have for now. What do you think about my favorites this April? Are they a little too much, or "Zoe, what are thoooose?"

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