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Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte, Philippines

Samal Island

If you're adding me on Snapchat, and my other social media, you would know that I was in Davao City from April 26 to May 9, 2017, and yes, I've been there for almost 2 weeks, in fact, I was actually born in Davao

We decided to visit Costa Marina in Samal Island last May 4, 2017, with my relatives from Davao, brother, baby cousin, and grandmother.

We stayed in our relatives in Davao in our whole trip in Davao and we left at 6am to go to the boats. We had to ride a boat to go to Samal Island itself and I think it was Php 15 per head, I forgot.

When we arrived in Costa Marina, we were directed to the tables, yes, there are no huts here, only tables but we made sure to pick the best table with shade from the tree. We were actually the first people to arrive in the resort so we had like 15 minutes to have the whole island by our self.

The water in Samal is indeed beautiful. You can clearly see the fishes from above the water, although it was very rocky and painful to the feet without aqua shoes. Since we weren't able to get aqua shoes, we swim without slippers on.

The resort let us use their grill for free, so we grilled some pork and fish for lunch. We had brought our own rice to eat with our dish.

lost and found Lacoste shoes, anyone?

Whilst swimming, my brother found a piece of Lacoste shoes from the sea, Hmm, I wonder who lost that shoe.

Photo of a relative and I, and the sea

I love how blue the water here is. After our swimming, almost all of us were sunburnt and we didn't care because we had fun.

I've received emails regarding what camera I use on my photos and to let you all know, I use a Nikon D7100

I love Davao, and I'd love to visit and explore more places soon. What do you think about Samal Island? Let me know if you've visited and which beach resort did you go to on your visit.