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Favorite iPhone Apps

Apps play a HUGE role in everyone's life, you may not notice it but it's true. At the moment, I have 120 apps and counting. I'm going to be honest here, I edit a lot on my phone and I'm not gonna lie I have about 15 apps just for editing but we all know that this blog isn't about editing apps but all about my favorite apps.

1. Dropbox
Oh my gosh, this is actually one of the most helpful apps I have. Its's like my backup file where in if ever I lost my USB or even forget my USB, I can use this app which is very useful for school especially in our Computer class because we are required to bring a USB with at least 4gb of storage and when I need to edit something and I check my ID, I say 'OMG! I FORGOT MY USB!', I can just go to browser and open my dropbox account and save the files on my account so I can open it at home.

Not everyone likes editing photos but I do, we all know VSCO Cam but not everyone likes this app mainly because they don't know how to use it, most people prefer pre-made filters but that's not me! I have my own style and preferences and I think VSCO CAM is super useful with those kinds of stuff.

3. GoPro
This is actually more for GoPro users who wants their videos taken from their GoPro in their phone in just a few clicks. I actually find this app VERY USEFUL since I don't need to go to my mac and connect the cords and go to iTunes and transfer files and all those wasting the time, I could just turn on my bluetooth and connect it to my phone which is easier than getting my mac and stuff.

4. Tumblr
Tumblr… hmm… Frankly, I used to severely dislike this app mainly because I don't know how to use it. My friend actually forced me to make Tumblr and now, I actually use it all the time. Like when ever I need photos and just on random times, I would open twitter and look at blogs. Do you have Tumblr? Leave your link below and I'll give time to check it out!

5. iBooks
I am actually a HUGE reader type of person and I like reading on my phone mainly because it's portable… not everyone has spaces on their bags to fit a WHOLE book which is me actually and the feeling of accidentally pulling your bookmark and OH MY GOSH! You need to waste time to look for the page and stuff you feel me? No? Okay. Well unlike eBooks, you can just get your phone and read! You don't also need light to see the words

6. ooVoo
This is actually a favorite conversation app I have. I talk to my friends and have group Video Chats here. I actually got this app when my friends wanted to group chat and I'm like 'What's ooVoo? I wanna join' so I downloaded it and we had a group chat and it was vvv fun

7. Zalora
Not everyone has time to go to malls and shop for new clothes right? That's why Zalora is one of my favorite apps at the moment because I can buy branded clothes online for an affordable price unlike those online stores which has a VERY HIGH PRICE for LOW QUALITY clothes which will instantly break.

8. Snapchat
OMG SNAPCHAT!! This is one of my favorite apps at the moment (obviously) like the fact of being able to share your life instantly and it includes no communication (on posts) and you can see those who saw your snaps and those who takes a screenshot of your snaps. Add me on snapchat though realzoepayne

9. Pinterest
Everyone loves DIY! (except those lazy rich peeps who can afford everything). DIY's are my life it's like you can do things your own way, and this also shows your personality!! Pinterest is one of the best apps I saw on DIY's and other stuff.

How 'bout you? What are your favorite apps? Let me know in the comment section below and I'll see you on my next blog post! Goodbye!