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Review: Macbook Pro with Force Touch Trackpad

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a really loooooong time! School started like 2 weeks ago and I've been so busy but we're not talking about school today but we're talking about Apple's new Macbook Pro laptop!

So recently, I got Apple's latest Macbook Pro in 13" and I had it for 2 days already, me being a mac user isn't really that used to the NEW force touch trackpad.

the box includes the Macbook Pro (of course), Magsafe 2 Power Adaptor, Extension cord for the power adaptor, Quick startup guides, Apple stickers and of course your cleaning cloth which only comes with the macbook pro

sorry if my pics aren't so hq, used an iphone 6 to take the pics

specs of the model I have

The force trackpad has so much cook features, some of which are force touching on an unfamiliar word and there will suddenly be a small window showing the meaning of that word

Or when you force touch on a link, there will be a small window which shows you a preview of that certain web link you force touched on and this is actually one of my favourite features of the force touch trackpad

Or when you force touch on any file, you can preview it, unlike the old models without the force touch trackpad where in you still had to press the spacebar to preview them

Me being used to the model without the force touch is kind of hard and needs time to get used to. I actually got used to it really fast like I don't know how and why but it took me at least a day to master it.

I find this feature really cool and for 75,000.00 pesos I think it's worth it for a very powerful laptop which I can use for video editing which is the club I'm currently in at school which is also called Video Production in our school. I really hope Apple will choose to add more features in the Macbook Pro which is my favourite model at the moment

Additional Info
The retina display is so amazing like even if I zoom it in to it's maximum, the letters were still crispy and high quality

Even the home screen is so beautiful (will post the pic of my background below)

the included charger plus the cleaning cloth

paperwork that no one reads

as you can see, the cleaning cloth is Apple branded

Well, I guess that is all for now, wait, I think I'm forgetting something! Oh yes my background, well, here it is
Credits to real owner

Well, That is it for today! Thank you so much for taking time in reading my blog post even though it seems un interesting! Thank You!