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How To Get Collaborations as a Filipino Influencer

If you're just starting to become an influencer, one of the things you've probably asked yourself was "what now?". I have struggled on what to do next and where to get content after I first published my blog and social media accounts and I had no one to ask since I was just new in the community. To be frank, I didn't want to ask fellow influencers for advice due to intimidation and pride. I had to learn how to grow on my own.

One of the first few mistakes I've made as an influencer is that I would always go to other's blogs and compare my own and sometimes maybe copy what they did to my blog to try to make my social media accounts appealing to brands and let me be the first to say that this is a wrong move most of us make without realizing it. We should have our own style and just focus on creating content.

For today, I'd like to help you get started with getting collaborations, PR, and paid campaigns from different brands. This is really hard for us in the Philippines because the majority of the brands are looking for influencers from the United States.

Join Influencer Marketing Platforms
This is probably one of the easiest methods on how you can get PR or paid collaborations. I have struggled with looking for platforms which accept influencers from the Philippines but finally, after weeks of searching, I have finally found some which are based in the Philippines and those who accept influencers from the Philippines.

Popstar is a platform where you can get paid collaborations with local brands like Mercury Drugs, JCB, BrewsCo, and more! The best part of this is that you can also earn money by referring your fellow friends, answering surveys, and posting simple tasks like photos with your mother which was a campaign they made last Mother's Day. They also post featured influencers on their social media to give your social channels more exposure. To join, all you need is at least 500 followers or friends on Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube.

Narratrs, like Popstar, is also an influencer platform where you can get paid campaigns with local and international brands like Dove, Knorr, Clara Olè, and many more. The best feature I like about this site is that it's easy to apply for campaigns, there are a lot of brands you can apply to, and you are paid in US Dollars. You can also earn by referring your friends. To join, all you need is at least 1,000 followers on either Instagram or Facebook.

Revu is one of the newest influencer platforms in the Philippines. The best thing I like about them is that they have a huge variety of notable brands like Trolli, Pepero, and Urban Travels. They also feature activities or event invitations with companies like Trampoline Park, and Rolling Stone Billards and Bar. The only downside of this is that they do not offer referrals so your sole way of earning is by joining campaigns.

Blogapalooza, unlike the first 3, is more focused on events more than gifting and PR. If you'd like to be able to get paid to attend events from different companies like Lazada, Emire, World Vision, and many more. The downside is that you have to be selected to join events. They don't have a page where you can see all events and request for an invite, instead, you will only see events you're selected to join in.

Join Influencer Facebook Groups
This was probably one of the things I underestimated when I first started blogging. I thought it would be useless because the majority would just post links to their site for other bloggers to ignore, however, after joining these groups, I noticed that there were a lot of brand managers looking for influencers to promote their products. You can also promote your brand by posting your links or latest blog posts to these groups for more exposure. If you're just beginning, joining these groups will really help because you can ask questions to a bunch of experienced bloggers who will be willing to help you.

This group is definitely one of the best. It's strictly monitored by admins so you can ensure that there are no spammy "Follow for Follow" posts. There are also a lot of brand managers here who loves to partner with influencers and invite them to numerous events.

I believe this group is more on promoting your social channels to get more exposure, however, there may be brands occasionally popping up looking for influencers to join their events and receive products.

Email Brands Directly
If there are brands you're interested in partnering with, don't hesitate to email them. You can find their email address on the "Contact Us" page on their site or if they have an Instagram account, they may have their email posted.

Be sure to use a professional looking email, and include all your social media channels along with why you'd want to partner with them. Most of the brands you email will not offer you paid promotions, rather, they'll send you products to try.

Also, don't fret if they don't reply back or reject your proposal. It's normal especially for accounts with lower following. If this happens, don't give up! Continue trying and you'll eventually end up with many PR's on your doorstep.

Have more to share with fellow influencers? Let me know in the comment section below.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.


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