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Does Treating Yourself Have To Be Expensive?

You’re on your way home from work, it's a Friday, and you feel in the mood for something in the way of a treat. Where do you go and what do you buy? It's not uncommon that someone who has worked all week and is just wanting to go home satisfied will pop into their local fast-food chain. Other times you may want to go to your local coffee store and get their best product on the menu. What we all crave is a sugar rush and something fatty and juicy. However when you want something that is a little less popular you tend to get into the expensive territory. A box of Belgian chocolates is going to cost you more than a great chicken burger from a restaurant. Without a doubt, an onyx or a jade band ring is going to cost you more than an Oreo milkshake. So in this regard, it can often seem like treating yourself is actually something that can only exist in your mind because it's just too expensive. Well, those that are willing to look a little deeper will find that there are plenty of ways to make your wishes a reality instead.

Natural or mixture stones?
Stones are back in fashion when it comes to rings. No, not precious stones because those haven’t stopped being in fashion for thousands of years. Rare but non-precious stones such as onyx, jade, different marbles, amber and even crystal stones are back in fashion when it comes to rings. These are called natural stones and since they are not deemed to be precious, even though they are quite elegant, they have become more abundant. The thing is, if you would like a ring in one of these stones to be more affordable you’ll have to go for different variations. Just like precious stones, there are varying qualities. The basic terms to look out for are mixtures and natural. The latter is a purer version and the mixture is less so. A mixture jade ring will be faint in color while a natural or pure jade band ring will be richer in color.

Hot and fresh
Jewelry is a woman’s friend but when you have what you want in the fashion field, then something that’s going to pick you up will do better for you. That’s why you should look into discount gift cards and the various websites that actually host them to be used by you. For example one of the more prevalent gift card website is gift card granny. They have a great Starbucks gift card that gives you 10% of your purchases. Fancy something hot and fresh after work or on the weekend? Then you can use these gift cards to chop down the price of what you would normally pay for. Sometimes you just have to satisfy your cravings and get a sweet tea latte and caramel donut.

We all have the urge to treat ourselves but when we realize how much extra we’ll have to spend we think twice about it. Getting a piece of jewelry doesn’t have to be taxing on your purse strings and neither does getting your fill in your favorite coffee shop.