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Best Ways To Workout At Home

So many people are obsessed with getting fit and working out nowadays, even more so now that we have social media to look at every day. We constantly see beautiful looking humans that are posing in their gym wear with killer bodies and amazing butts, and we have this need and desire to be the same - “living your best life”. The thing is, we're not all like those Instagram models, and you need to accept that before you have this wild dream of transforming into something that isn't real. You can be whoever you want to be, so don't be scared of being yourself and uncover who you really are.

One way of doing that is to get fit and healthy so you not only look great on the outside but feel incredible on the inside more importantly. For some people though, the idea of going to the gym is a big no-no, and understandably it can be very intimidating, especially if your only option is to go alone. If you're able to do it - well done you, but if you can't - it's not the end of the world. There are plenty of things that you can do in the comfort of your own home, and still, get those gains and hit those goals that you have set for yourself.

Here's how.


You may pair up riding with hopping on a bicycle and cycling around the area or in your local park, but you can get all the same benefits from home while watching your favourite Netflix series if you feel like it, and that's from an exercise bike. Bikes are also very good for anyone that has any joint problems as it takes the weight off your feet so that you don't have to carry it on top of the workout the riding is giving you. You can even find great recumbent exercise bike reviews that take even more pressure off you so you can get a good session without being in pain or discomfort.



Who doesn't love to dance? Even if you're no good at it it's still fun, and better yet it's great cardio and burns a ton of calories. Depending on the moves you do, it can even tone and sculpt, so you may want to try a little twerking and see just how many muscles you use in order to move in the right way - you'd be amazed. So turn up the volume to your favourite tunes, let your hair down, and invite a few of your girlfriends around while you're at it. Then simply do what you do best and have a good old dance. You'll be triggering those wonderful chemicals in your brain called endorphins too which make you feel on top of the world.

Now that you have a couple of ideas, there are no more excuses as to why you can't get those booty goals in your living room with enough work put in.


  1. Walking is definitely the best way to work out, kaya lang outdoor siya. Kahit nasa mall ka buong araw parang form of exercise na din siya kaya lang wag ka lang bumili ng pagkain kasi jusko patay ka wala din.

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