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Study Tips

Exams for EVERY student is important, may it be their college entrance exam, or maybe their school exams, or even for their driver's license. We've all experienced the stress of exams and we all know how hard it is to study, especially Math ugh.

We had our midterms last week and I cannot describe the stress I've had! Especially with our General Math exam! Here I compiled a few tips I did to study. I'm no expert but these are what I've been doing to study for years and IT WORKS, not all the time but it still helps me do better in my exams compared to my old ways.

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1. Listening to Music
               Listening to music helps calm my nerves and focus better on studying because it blocks all the distractions like the sound of my brother playing basketball. I usually listen to classical songs like instrumentals or piano pieces

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2. Using iPad to study
               Our school requires us to have an iPad and in my case, all my notes are in my iPad. I prefer to use an iPad to study because as mentioned, I have my notes here plus I can research whilst studying without any distraction. I'm more tempted to play games on my laptop compared to my iPad which is a pro in my case.

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3. Studying with Calculators and Reviewers
               I think studying with calculators before Math exams are efficient because I get to understand how things happened better and reviewers are also a NEED for me because it contains a summary of all my notes and I can write additional notes on it.

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4. Getting Enough Sleep
               Some in my school doesn't sleep before exams and I know I'm not the first to say this but it's REALLY BAD because not having enough sleep will make you loose your focus. Instead of staying up late or not sleeping at all, try sleeping for at least 5 hours then wake up really early to study.

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5. Pray
               Prayer for me is very important. I pray before EVERY exam and ask God for guidance and help me remember all the terms I studied. If you aren't doing this, please do! It will help you!

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6. Think Positive
               Thinking positive always makes exams easy in my case. It may work for you too and relax! Panicking before exams can block your mind! Always think that you will ace those exams because you're you!

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Remember to think of yourself first! No matter how high people expect from you, THINK OF YOURSELF! You grades don't define you!

Don't Guess the Answers! Think of what you reviewed! Remember to stay positive, calm, and pray for guidance.

Even those who get the lowest grades can be successful in life as long as they do something to make their dreams happen

You can do it! You will pass your exams!


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