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Foodtrips with Zoe: Tamagoya

Food is something essential in our life because it's one of the only things that would keep up alive but for us to be able to enjoy food, we need yummy and delicious food.
Yesterday, May 20, 2016, we ate dinner at Tamagoya. There is unfortunately only 1 Tamagoya branch and this is in Antipolo which is only about a 10-15 minute drive from our home.

Tamagoya is a Japanese restaurant and their main specialty is their ramen but since I've ate ramens here before, I decided to taste their riced meals.

I went for their Katsu Don which is breaded pork and rice which retails at Php 148*
Forgive the small damage in the middle for I ate a small piece before taking the photograph.

This dish is truly amazing. They not only showed good presentation but just by tasting it, you can tell they used high quality and maybe imported ingredients. The price is also reasonable because when I finished my rice, there were still pieces of pork left.
We also tried their Hiyashi Chuka or more commonly known as "Cold Salad" which retails at Php 158*
Like their Katsu Don, presentation was amazing. It also looks as good as how it tastes. Judging from the taste, I can tell they used Quality & Authentic Japanese ingredients. The price seemed reasonable because the serving is good to share for 3-4 people.
Whilst we ate, we had time to appreciate the beautiful (and quite aesthetic) surrounding. The place made it seem like you are truly in Japan
Their menu is displayed on the walls
Beautiful view of plants

If you are craving for Japanese and just around the corner? Try dining in this restaurant for not only cheap but appetizing and authentic Japanese dish.
2 Soliven Ave
Antipolo, Rizal
(02) 861-8631

Open from Tuesdays to Sunday
11:00am-2:00pm & 5:00pm-9:00pm


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