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Review: Netflix

Netflix has gone completely popular these days and a lot of Filipinos were so excited knowing that Netflix is finally available in the Philippines although not a lot did subscribe probably because of the high price. Is it truly worth it? Or other movie streaming sites like iFlix or HOOQ is better?

I started my subscription last April 4, 2016, and I was so happy to finally have the chance to know and experience "Netflix & Chill"

Upon going the Netflix site, you will be greeted by different profiles. I think this is a great idea to sort out who is watching and to get a little privacy on what you are currently watching because each person in your house can get their own profile and mind their own business.

One of the things I like about Netflix is that it's 100% user friendly and a pleasing sight unlike others which has small thumbnails of movies everywhere and it basically gives me a headache.

Another thing I like about Netflix is its HD screen. I don't see any pixels at all especially when our wifi connection is fast.

Netflix also has apps for every device; iOS, Android, Windows, Game Consoles, and even Smart TV which is very convenient for me because we have a Smart TV at home.

As for the negative side, Netflix doesn't have as many Movies and TV Shows as I thought it would. They don't have big movies like Iron Man, The Grudge, etc., I do know that they just opened here in the Philippines but I do hope that they would add a lot more movies.

Another negative side is the prices of their plans. Others which have a lot more movies have cheaper prices than Netflix. If Netflix wants more subscribers, maybe they should make the price we pay worth it by adding more movies. Plans are as followed:

Basic at 370 PHP per month - watch on a single screen in Standard Definition
Standard at 460 PHP per month - stream up to 2 screens at a time in High Definition
Premium at 550 PHP per month - stream up to 4 screens at a time in Ultra High Definition

The last negative thing I could think of is that they don't have any app for Mac. Okay, maybe this is a little low for someone like me but I think it's more convenient if they had an app for Mac so that Mac users like me could watch easily just by clicking the Netflix app on their Dock.

How about you? What do you think is the best movie streaming site? Comment down below your thoughts and opinions on Netflix.


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