"With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts."—Eleanor Roosevelt


Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


Hey Guys! Welcome to Rad and Fab! If you go to About, you'll see stuff about me but this blog post isn't about me introducing my self but I'm gonna start with sharing with you guys random facts about me. Ready?

  1. My birthday is on June 20, 2001 which makes me 13 years old as I write this and I hope this blog would get as big as it could possibly be
  2. I started blogging at age 10 which was about 3 years from now. At first, I wanted to blog because it looks fun but it was actually hard you know finding themes and trying to make a lot of audience but sharing my life with you guys and sharing my tips, and experiences with life.
  3. I started a blog called 'Purple Shell' in 2012 which I also shared in About Page where in it became Rad & Fab about a month ago
  4. I live in Manila, Philippines. not those big countries like USA and London
  5. I'm a HUGE and by HUGE I mean HUGE fan of One Direction. I know they're going down and 5SOS and those other bands are getting over their popularity but I don't care. I've been a directioner since 2011 and I'm never breaking that. Even if there's only 2 members of One Direction, I ain't leaving them
  6. My height is 5"4' which is kinda a reasonable but kinda a short height for a 13 year old but I don't care. As long as I could ride those big Roller Coasters in Amusement Parks

Well, I guess that's it. I couldn't really think of something else but I sure do hope you guys will visit my blog more often and help me grow