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ELMT: Uniquely Formulated Skincare That Works!

We all know how much I love exfoliation and Centella. Recently, Wishtrend reached out to me to try products from their newly released brand, elmt. They sent me the elmt Advanced Calming Solution and Gentle Exfoliating Solution to try out.

About the Brand

elmt, a newly released brand exclusively available on Wishtrend, is a formula-driven skincare brand led by a group of researchers. They don't create products that already exist in the market rather, they create new formulas based on quality ingredients. Skincare Unframed—elmt aims to break away from traditional cosmetic cliches and create skincare products with a new perspective.

Wishtrend kindly sent me 2 products from elmt specifically, the Gentle Exfoliating Solution and Advanced Calming Solution.


The packaging for both is pretty straightforward—it both came in a box and the bottles were green with simple labels. The packaging kinda reminds me of the Quad Active Boosting Essence from By Wishtrend. As seen in the photos, the packaging is very minimalist—there's only the label at the front and more info at the bottom. Although I like the minimalist approach, I think that they should've had the ingredients written on the packaging. Moreover, I think that there should've been a distinction between both products because I'm the type of person who prefers to grab the familiar bottle without looking at the label. With elmt, however, I'd have to read the label first to make sure that I'm using the correct product first.

Overall, I do love the packaging. The glass bottles are fairly strong too—I accidentally dropped one of the bottles yet it did not break.

Gentle Exfoliating Solution ($20)

When I heard that Wishtrend was going to send me an exfoliant, I was so excited because I love exfoliants! Formulated with AHA, Super Berry Complex, and Vitamin C, elmt's Gentle Exfoliating Solution claims to remove dead skin cells to uncover the skin's inner glow.

I use this every day, morning and evening, as a toner after cleansing my skin. I don't use this with cotton pads rather, I apply it directly to my skin. One of the skin concerns that I've had difficulty overcoming is the tiny bumps on my skin. I've tried every product I can to help solve this but no luck. Honestly, I applied this for the first time in the evening without expecting any immediate results. Imagine my surprise when I woke up with glowing skin—no joke! Even I was surprised with the immediate results it gave. Moreover, I didn't really notice it at first but it slowly flattened the bumps on my skin. I was so surprised with how well this product worked on my skin! I got so many compliments on how good my skin looks and I felt more confident with my skin and for $20 (Php 1,000), this is such a steal!

I'd honestly purchase this again and I'm so glad to have received this because I've found a product my skin loves. I've actually added this to my cart and considering checking out whilst they're on 5% off just so I can stock up on these.

Advanced Calming Solution ($20)

If you've read my previous blogs, then you probably know how big of a fan I am of Centella—since I exfoliate a lot, it's crucial for me to use calming products to lessen the irritation of exfoliants. Formulated with Centella Asiatica and Polysaccharide, elmt's Advanced Calming Solution claims to hydrate, soothe, and calm skin.

I apply this every day, morning and evening, as a toner after applying the Gentle Exfoliating Solution. Similar to the Gentle Exfoliating Solution, I apply this directly to my skin as well. I love this because it instantly hydrates my skin leaving a dewy glow to my skin. I believe that this is best paired with the Gentle Exfoliating Solution because it immediately calms the skin after using an exfoliant. I believe that my skin has found itself a new favorite Centella-based product because this calms and hydrates my skin and is also lightweight and non-greasy unlike some of the Centella products I've used in the past.

Overall, for $20 (Php 1,000), this is a great deal and works best with the Gentle Exfoliating Solution. I'd definitely purchase this along with the Gentle Exfoliating Solution.

I'm so glad I discovered elmt because they're my skin's new BFF! If you're suffering from acne and irritated skin, or find that exfoliants aren't working for you anymore, I'd definitely recommend you give these a try. As someone who has tried a lot of skincare products, I can say that their products are uniquely formulated and for the price, it's definitely worth the try.

You can get both products on Wishtrend.com for only $20 each. Also, elmt is on 5% off so you wouldn't want to miss on that.

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