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5 Fast Netflix Tips to Get the Best of Your Subscription This Year

So, we got the memo that you are not getting the best out of your Netflix subscription.

The year is 2021 and we are not going to allow that. Especially not with Netflix dropping a new title on us every week.

Do these to get the best out of your subscription from today.

Step 1: Save More

Who wants to spend more on Netflix when they can save some bucks off the top? Instead of personal plans, find other Netflix streamers and opt for a group plan together. Depending on your region, check the Netflix pricing and you’ll see that the group plans mean you pay less per person.

Special Note: make sure to create unique user profiles for each user so it’s like you have a separate account inside the same shared plan.

Step 2: Spend Less...

… on data.

Head into your Netflix settings dashboard to change the cellular data usage to allow for a lower quality image when streaming. If you are streaming on a good device, you don’t get to notice the difference too much. This is a good one for when you’re streaming movies/ shows that don't require top-shelf graphics.

Step 3: Watch Better

There are thousands of titles on Netflix, but some people have ended up streaming the same titles more than once. That usually happens when you don’t know what to stream next.

This is where Shuffle Play comes into the mix. Enable this mode and the algorithm suggests content you’ll find interesting to you, all based on your viewing history.

Step 4: Enjoy Anywhere

Are you traveling and worried that you might not get access to your Netflix content anymore? Or, maybe there are some shows you saw on your favorite movie blog which aren’t just showing up on your Netflix account.

This is due to geo-blocking around certain content, restricting them to some markets. You can solve that problem by streaming Netflix with a VPN from anywhere in the world.

We recommend choosing a VPN with server locations in the US – since the country has the biggest Netflix library.

Step 5: Save For Later

Internet connections are not always great everywhere. If you spend more time in such areas – maybe you live or visit there – you might not enjoy your movie streaming with all that buffering. What you can do is download the content ahead of time.

Once in areas where your internet connection is better, save your preferred movies and shows for later. Even with airplane mode on, you can always watch these saved contents without interruptions.

Final Words

Those are our top five, fast tips to getting the best out of your Netflix subscription this year.

If you have more that we forgot to mention here, we would love to hear everything about them in the comments.