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Fresh Formula Sgt. At Arms Review

Skincare is not limited to the face—our pits need love too! As someone who used to shave, having dark underarm is a huge problem. After switching to waxing, I really had a difficulty in whitening my underarms so I did a lot of research and opted to try out Fresh Formula's Sgt. At Arms.

If you have seen my previous blogs, then you'd know that I've reviewed Fairness&Flawless Sgt. At Arms before. At first, I was quite confused because Fresh Formula's underarm whitening set was also called Sgt. At Arms. Moreover, it even had the same set and consistency: deodorant and cream, and had the same color. After doing more research, I discovered that Fairness&Flawless was also owned by Nina Dizon-Cabrera, CEO of Colourette and Fresh Formula. Moreover, I also discovered that Fresh Formula's Sgt. At Arms was more like a new and improved version of the Fairness&Flawless one, which intrigued me to see how this would do.

It's pretty straightforward out of the box—it just contains the deo spray and cream. No other fancy stuff. The Sgt. at Arms come in a 2pcs set which includes their Lightening Deo Spray in 65ml and Lightening Overnight Cream in 15g, although each may be purchased separately. The set retails for Php 399. If to purchase separately, the Lightening Deo Spray retails for Php 249 whereas the Lightening Overnight Cream retails for Php 299.

Sgt. At Arms Lightening Overnight Cream (Php 299)

Formulated with Grapeseed Oil, Glycolic Acid, Beta Glucan, Orange Peel, Citric Acid, Vitamin E, and Papaya Extract, Fresh Formula's Lightening Overnight Cream claims to gently exfoliate the underarms to reveal lighter, smoother, and firmer underarms in as little as 4 weeks. The consistency of this is quite thick and a little goes a long way. In fact, they actually recommend applying just a small amount because if you put too much, it will leave a white cast which is quite difficult to remove. My first purchase of Fresh Formula's Sgt. At Arms was around July last year and the cream lasted me around 2 months. Based on experience, this one did wonders on my underarms. I have seen that my underarms did, in fact, lighten. July of last year as well, I had a diode laser session on my underarms, and the aesthetician complimented my underarms saying that it's not dark. The only issue I have with this is that it does leave a white cast which is difficult to remove. What I do to get rid of it is to clean my underarms with micellar water before I take a shower at night, and scrub my underarms 2-3 times a week.

Sgt. At Arm Lightening Deo Spray (Php 349)

Formulated with Alpha Arbutin, Witch Hazel, Beta Glucan, Black Currant, and Green Tea Extract, Fresh Formula's Lightening Deo Spray claims to freshen, lightens, and smoothens the underarm with every use. When I got my first set around July last year, I honestly did not use this alone—I used it with Milcu, for the sole reason that I felt that it wouldn't be much effective at controlling my body odor. I was only able to use this recently since I'm always at home, and frankly, it's what encouraged me to repurchase the set. Based on experience, as someone who sweats a lot, this one was effective in controlling my body odor. Even when I go out, I no longer use it with Milcu. Whilst using this, I had already run out of their overnight cream, so I felt that this helped maintain my underarms as well.

My Underarm Routine

Fresh Formula recommends using the Overnight Lightening Cream every morning and evening every day, and their Lightening Deo Spray every morning. For me, I use the Lightening Deo Spray in the morning only and the Overnight Lightening Cream only in the evening. Additionally, I wipe my underarms with Simple Micellar Water every evening before I take a shower then exfoliate my underarms 2-3 times a week with Abonne Milk Salt Shower Formula. As for waxing, I do it around once a month with my Bubblegum Waxing Starter Kit however, for beginners I recommend checking out Strip It! Wax. It's beginner-friendly, and it's the one I've been using since 2017. You can check out my review on that by clicking here.

The Verdict

I had a great experience with using Fresh Formula's Sgt. At Arms, therefore, I highly recommend this if you're looking for an underarm lightening kit and wouldn't mind waiting for results. If you're someone who needs a quick fix, however, I don't think that this is the product for you because using this will take time. This is available on Fresh Formula's Official Shopee Page however, I personally ordered from Skin Goods on Shopee, and even received a generous freebie, since it was out of stock on Fresh Formula's page.


  1. I just got home from my underarm laser treatment. Since I don't have any hair on my underarm, my next project will be to make them look lighter. These products are so affordable. I'll give them a try!

  2. I don't think there are quick fixes to skin discoloration anyway. Unless, of course, you pay for a derma procedure?

    I so love the name, haha! Benta!

  3. i havent tried anything for my underarm for the longest time. this seems promising and the best part is it is in shopee. will check it out tonight!

  4. Wow! The products are affordable. Will definitely check their products as well. And thank you sa tips. I should use micellar water pala and exfoliate my underarm din!

  5. Wow. Very nice products at very affordable. Ginagamit to ng friend ko at maganda daw kaya pag iisipan ko.

  6. I totally agree! If we give so much care for our face, why not extend it a bit to our kili kili?!
    I like the name of this product! It reminds me of my grade school days, lol.

  7. The product name is quite catchy! Based on your review, these products are really effective, and they're affordable, too. Will check these out on Shopee.

  8. I find the product name so witty! ☺️ Winner haha! Also, it’s nice to know that it’s very affordable and looks like those ingredients they use are really meant for whitening dark spots. Good job! 👍

  9. Hmmmm. My girlfriend might want this. Might be a need for showing skin this summer lol

  10. I never thought of putting micellar water on my underarm, will do it nga pati pag-exfoliate. I'll check these products sa shopee. Grabe ang witty ng name! Sana lumiwanag ang nakaraan kapag ginamit ko to haha!

  11. How long did you see the results? My skin is so sensitive on the pits. I have tried a lot of brands and they didn't deliver results though.

  12. Good tips but please be careful. Our underarms are way too sensitive. When I was young, I had to scrub them hard, pumice stone ala lola ang gamit ko and my underarms suffere. Good thing, may pang-derma na. But, since you're still young, take acre of them well.

  13. Been seeing this particular brand and products on my news feed and it seems promising! Affordable if I may add. Good thing this worked on you!

  14. Does it stain on clothes? If only the cream does or pati yung deo? Or di naman?

    1. Hey there! Based on experience, both the cream and deo doesn't stain at all.

  15. What will happen 'pag nag-stop ng paggamit? Babalik po ba sa dati yung UA?


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