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Five Items To Include In Your Autumn 2020 Capsule Wardrobe

We have officially changed seasons and fall is here, which is the perfect excuse to give your wardrobe a little update and curate the ideal autumn capsule wardrobe that will last you year after year. 

Here are five items that can instantly elevate your look and put you on-trend for the new season, without having to spend a lot and buy lots of new things. 

The Trench
An autumn staple year after year, the trench is an undeniably timeless, classic and chic addition to wardrobes no matter the current trends and is something that every woman should own. With so many variations in style and colour currently in the shops for every price point, the trench coat elevates every look in an instant - even if that’s just plain old jeans and a t-shirt. Expect to see statement trenches with an edge this season, and if you feel like being bold and standing out from the crowd, a leather style trench is set to be THE trench this season.

Chunky boots
A massive trend last year, the chunky boot isn’t going anywhere, and they are more flattering than you might think. The chunky platform heel actually helps to elongate the legs and make them appear slimmer while being comfortable, practical but also chic, at the same time. The thicker the sole, the better is the general idea, however, if this isn’t for you fret not, there are plenty of classic flat Chelsea style boots to choose from should you prefer something a bit more delicate and feminine. 

Knitted dresses and chunky cardigans
With more and more of us spending time at home, the fashion industry has adapted to the rather drastic change in our lifestyles which has resulted in elevated loungewear, including knitted dresses and chunky cardigans. Not only will they keep you comfortable and warm at the same time, fitted midi dresses that are extremely popular this year will elevate your look in an instant without you having to put in much effort. Go for chocolate, browns and oatmeal shades for fall - classic colours that will look good every autumn for years to come. 

Statement eyewear
Just because it’s starting to get cold outside, that doesn’t mean that you have to put your sunnies away. Even in Autumn and Winter, there are still some bright days where the sun is shining, and your eyes need some protection. Even if isn’t necessarily very bright, a pair of statement sunglasses are still a great accessory to make any outfit instantly that little bit more stylish, while also hiding tired eyes from those around you. As with the rest of fashion this year, eyewear is also geared more towards practical and classic styles compared to previous years like cat-eyes, aviators and other chic and traditional oversized shapes - click here to find the perfect sunglasses for you this fall. 

Chunky gold chains
When it comes to jewellery, gold still seems to be everywhere, both on the catwalk and in the high street. Chunky gold chokers and link necklaces, in particular, are having a moment - great for layering, wearing over high neck tops and jumpers, or worn traditionally for evenings and nights out, this small wardrobe update for 2020 can instantly make any outfit on-trend.