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5 Binge-worthy Kdrama Shows on Netflix

If you're reading this, chances are you've recently finished watching a Kdrama series and you don't know what to watch next, or you want to join in on the current Kdrama hype but don't know where to start. Regardless of whatever reason, I'm here to help!
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W—Two Worlds Apart

Lee Jong suk (Kang Chul) and Han Hyo Joo (Oh Yeon Joo)
This drama is about two worlds—the real world and the webtoon world. Oh Yeon Joo goes to the house of her father after hearing the news about his disappearance and gets pulled into the webtoon world of "W" by Lee Jong Suk, a multi-millionaire, and the webtoon's male protagonist. Yeon Joo becomes entangled in a murder mystery and becomes a character in the webtoon.

This is one of the most outstanding Kdrama's I've seen. The plot is unique, interesting, and has its fair share of hilarious scenes. You should definitely give this show a shot if you haven't seen it already.

Hotel del Luna

Lee Ji Eun (Jang Man Wol) and Yeo Jin Goo (Gu Chan Sung)
Located in the middle of Seoul is Hotel del Luna—a hotel that only caters ghosts. Jang Man Wol, the beautiful but ill-tempered CEO, is cursed to manage the hotel due to the crimes she has committed. After a dying father mistakenly ends up in Hotel del Luna, he is forced to sell his son, Gu Chan Sung, to Man Wol in exchange for saving his life. 20 years later, Chan Sung works as a manager at Hotel del Luna.

This is the first Kdrama I've seen and it's the reason why I got hooked up into watching Kdrama. The plot is very unique and gets more and more interesting throughout the duration of the show. One thing I learned from this show is that you must always be compassionate and open-minded—before making any form of judgment, you should always know the side of the other person because you don't know how much you can harm someone by being close-minded. I highly recommend you check this show out if you haven't seen it yet.

Shopaholic Louis

 Seo In Guk (Louis / Kang Ji Sung) and Nam Ji Hyun (Ko Bok Sil)
Raised by his overprotective grandmother, Kang Ji Sung, the remaining heir of a multimillion company, lives in France as Louis. After his grandmother falls ill, He files back to Seoul where he gets into an accident and loses his memory. Ko Bok Sil, who came to Seoul to look for her brother, takes him in after seeing Louis wearing her brother's jacket hoping for his memories to return.

This show has an interesting storyline and is funny as well. I'm particularly into shows which involve luxury and mystery, and this show has exactly what I wanted. This show is very funny and shows the journey of a shopaholic gone poor. One takeaway I got from this show is that one shouldn't judge a person by how they look because if you show kindness to a person, you'll eventually be rewarded one way or another.

Fight For My Way

Park Seo Joon (Ko Dong Man) and Kim Ji Won as (Choi Ae-ra)
Despite an increasingly hostile world, Ko Dong Man, a former taekwondo champion, and Choi Ae-ra, a department store employee, fight for success with a career they're underqualified for. After seeing the success of his enemy, Dong Man decided to pursue mixed martial arts.

This Kdrama is very inspiring to me—it shows the harsh reality of life. It showed me that no matter how much people bring you down, you can achieve your dreams as long as you are determined. You shouldn't let what people think about you affect your life and decisions. It may seem hard, however, if you believe in yourself and your abilities, you'd someday see yourself at the end of the road achieving everything you wanted.

While You Were Sleeping

Lee Jong Suk (Jung Jae Chan) and Bae Suzy (Nam Hong Joo)
Nam Hong Joo, a young woman who has dreams of terrible things that will happen in the future, meets someone who shares the same ability as her—Jung Jae Chan, a prosecutor who tries to prevent these dreams from happening in real life.

This is hands down one of the best Kdrama out there. The first few episodes may seem quite boring to some however, it gets more interesting, funny, and cute as the story progresses. One takeaway I got from this show is how unfair the justice system really is—I'm not saying that it's all bad, but I can see how much pieces of evidence can be tampered, and the damage it can do to an innocent person.

All shows listed here are on Netflix. If you're not subscribed with Netflix, you can subscribe here for as low as Php 149/month for their Mobile Plan which can be paid with your prepaid load if you don't have a credit/debit card.

What about you? What are your favorite Kdrama shows? Let me know in the comment section below.


  1. Very interesting! I really appreciate your key takeaways from the drama ❤ Will watch Hotel del Luna ASAP!

  2. I've been following you on Instagram for months already and I'm glad that finally you're a kdrama addict like me. You should watch Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo!!!!!! You can also find it in Netflix

  3. I have already watched this Kdramas. Since I'm a fan it's a good choice. ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Plus I recommend you to watch Reply 1988, it's real different. If you haven't watched it yet, by any chance.

  4. I love Hotel De Luna's story simply because it talks about forgiveness and love. More than the visual wonders, IU's acting and Taeyeon's song warmed my heart. I also watched Fight For My Way. I admire the chemistry of the leads.

  5. The only kdrama i watched was fight for my way because it is mma themed lol. Might try other kdrama recommendations! Thanks

  6. I've seen Hotel Del Luna, and it is one of the best K-drama I've binge! The fashion is killing me :D

  7. I've watched all of those kdrama, except for hotel de luna. Also wasn't able to finish while you were sleeping. I got bored of it for some reason. I've been reluctant about going back to kdramas, but wth. Let's do this!!

  8. dapat i should take time for Hotel de Luna kasi ang dami dami ko ng nakikita na maganda eto. sobrang dami kasing magagandang kdrama, need magprioritize hahaha.. love your list!

  9. Wow! I was able to watch 4 of them. haha I haven't watched Hotel del Luna because I don't know IU back then, but I've heard a lot of good reviews, so I might consider watching it after Itaewon Class.

  10. Ang hindi ko lang napanood is itong Shopaholic Louis but the rest napanood ko na siya. I love Hotel del Luna and natuwa talaga ko kay AeRa sa Fight for my way.

  11. Trying to find some time to watch Hotel Del Luna because I enjoyed it before but I stopped watching after some time because of personal reasons. But now I am all available for new dramas again. Currently watching The World of the Married and The King Eternal Monarch. I watch it a bit late because I hate waiting for new episodes haha


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