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Review: Zale Beauty Powder

Lately, I've been looking for an affordable, but great quality foundation. High-end brands aren't an option for me since I'm just starting to use makeup, then I stumbled upon Zale. I immediately contacted them to inquire then they agreed to send me some of their products.

I received all the products they have. 2 variations of their Beauty Powder in Fair and Tan, and their BB White UV Foundation Cream.

Their beauty powder is packaged in these typical powder bottles with holes on the top to dispense the product. I've been applying this on my face before leaving for school and I noticed how much my skin has improved after application. My face definitely looks a lot smoother and matte. I've also used my oil films after school and noticed that my face is less oily compared to the days without applying this.

As written on the back, their products are made from Thailand. I highly recommend products made from Thailand because they are really effective based on my past experiences.

Their BB Cream, on the other hand, is also something I've been using for a while. I love how natural these look on my face, plus, you can use this as your night cream as well!

Like their beauty powder, these were made in Thailand as well. It doubles as a foundation and a sunblock.

The Verdict
I highly recommend Zale's products. Not only are they made of high-quality materials, but they are also available retailing at only Php 49 each! As in! Sobrang mura! You can get these online, just hit them up at Instagram at @ZaleSkincarePh

Guess what! I'm also giving away 4 of these! Join via Instagram

* Zale sent me these products in exchange for honest reviews


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