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Products for the Mind: Essentials by KD

I've always loved purchasing and trying new products but something these products I've tried lacked with the smell I wanted. They usually would smell like alcohol or would often cause headaches. Recently, I've been interested with aromatherapy and how they work and it was at right timing when I received a package from Essentials by KD

One thing I noticed about their products is the scent they carry. It comes in different variants like "Blood Orange" which is curated for comfort, "Clouds and Cream" which is a zen-inducing fusion, "Hey Day" which can help clear the mind, and many more.

I received their Body Cream in the variant "Clouds and Cream" and I absolutely love this! I usually apply this at night and I wake up to smooth skin. It's not greasy at all so it's safe to apply even when you plan to go to the gym. I also noticed that I was able to fall asleep quicker and it helped calm my mind.

I also received their hand sanitizer in the variant "Wake", and just by the name of the variant, you can tell that this will help you stay awake. This is a product I've been bringing to school since I usually get sleepy or bored so easily since I know we can just grab the powerpoints and not listen at all, but I've been spraying this on my hands and it instantly energizes me. I don't know how this works but it just does!

Lastly, I also got their lipbalm in "Vanilla Mend" and I really really love vanilla so thank you for this! Recently, I ran out of lipbalm so I panicked since I really love lipbalms because my lips get so dry and chappy easily. I love how effective these are in smoothing my lips and they smell so good too!

When I asked them more about their products, this is what they said:
"I really enjoyed investing in personal care products ever since I was in college; things that were not common when I would shop. I was inspired by my love for personal care to start my own business that catered to certain moods and what I think would catch my eye if I would shop in a store. I began creating scents and variants that I think would represent expressions and states of mind. That’s where I came up with “essentials for your skin, psyche and soma.” Not only do the products do something for your skin, it strives to charm your mood and enliven your surrounding."

The Verdict
I love these products, they work 100% for me, I would definitely but them again and I recommend you to do the same.

They've also sent me a pricelist for their products so if you're interested, here they are:

Contact Essentials by KD
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Disclaimer: Essentials by KD sent these to me in exchange for an honest review


  1. Hello, thank you for a nice post! I love reading about cosmetic products :).

  2. I love the packaging very much. To me this is the first thing which either draws me to see more details or makes me totally skip it.

  3. I love learning about new beauty products! I talk about how I use a jade roller to improve my skin on the blog - it works wonders!

  4. I love anything called Clouds and Cream! :D Sounds amazing. Not sure if they ship internationally though?

  5. Great review! I love aromatherapy, so this I'd definitely try something like this :)

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