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Review: Strip It! + Giveaway

Recently, I've found out how bad shaving is for your skin so I tried waxing. Strip It is a local brand in the Philippines that produces cold sugar wax, and other beauty and skincare products. This specific brand caught my eyes due to the fact that their products are very affordable and effective, in fact, I've used their wax years ago.

I purchased their Big Kit which includes 300g of sugar wax, aloe vera, waxing strips, and spatula priced at Php 454 from Shopee. When it arrived, it came in a strip it paper bag but the paper bag looked damaged and ripped. It also came with a freebie - Lily's Touch Miracle Cream, which I was equally excited to try.

Their aloe vera is used as an after-treatment meant to rub over the skin after waxing to soothe and moisturize the waxed area. The texture is similar to hand sanitizer which starts as a gel but turns to liquid after application. It smells kind of like cinnamon.

It also came with wax strips and a spatula which look sanitized and clean.

Opening the wax was such a struggle since there wasn't any plastic protecting the wax itself. I had to use my scissors to help me push the cover off. The packaging was meant to be twisted but it was hard to do that, so I ended up pulling the cover off. I suggest that they put plastic over the wax to keep this from happening

Today, I will be waxing my legs. I've grown the hair for 1 week so that it will be long enough. It's recommended to wax hair at least 1/4 of an inch, but the hair on my legs wasn't 1/4 an inch, but I still went ahead and waxed the area.

It's recommended to put powder before waxing so that the wax wouldn't stick to the skin and make waxing less painful but I didn't have any.

After waxing, the area was clean except for some hair left, maybe because the hair was too short. You can go ahead and pluck off the remaining hair with tweezers.

The wax actually caught a lot of hair even though it was too short. After waxing, I applied the aloe vera gel.

The Verdict
Strip It! is one of the easiest and most painless wax I've ever used. It's actually cheap for a complete set with aloe vera gel. The best part is that the waxing strips are reuseable—just leave it submerged underwater overnight and dry, and you may use it again. Alternatively, I purchased a pack of 100 wax strips for only Php 88 on Shopee. I would definitely recommend this, especially for beginners, and purchase it again. If you're interested in trying this one out, click here to view their shop on Shopee. The kit I got was the Big Kit and it contains 300g of wax, waxing strips, spatula, and aloe vera gel. You can click here to view the kit I got.

Want to try it for yourself? I'm giving one away!


  1. I love Strip It! I've been using it since I was in college but I stopped when I became a mom because I simply had no time to DIY my sugaring. I've resorted to those sugaring salons which can definitely break my wallet at times. Haha. Maybe it's time to order again. Maybe I'lol also try the aloe gel this time. ��

  2. Love this! From the moment I started using this, this has been my go-to wax kit. I tried several brands but I always end up with this. This post reminded me to wax for I haven't been doing it for long. What's great with this one is that it really made my hairs thinner making it less visible and reducing my waxing time in twice or once a month.


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