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Favorite iPhone Apps

We all have our favorite applications, in fact, my phone is filled with applications, most of them I don't use, but here, I'll be showing you some of my favorite applications for my iPhone. I made a blog post on this last July 2015 so this is like an updated version. I will also be linking each app below. These are not by order just so ya'll know

1. Zomato
Zomato is an app where I can check restaurants and see reviews and their menu. I like this app because it's very useful especially if I have hangouts like I would scroll on some restaurants here and check their menu for the prices, and show them to my friends because it's nice to have things like this planned out already rather than spending like 30 minutes going around the mall looking for a place to eat

2. Grab
I don't really use this a lot, in fact, I've used this only once but I think it's a must-have on your phone especially if you like to commute. Basically, Grab is like Uber, but what I like about this is that the show you the exact price you need to pay when you arrive, you can pay through your card, and you can earn points.

3. Amazon
Now, I know not all of you are fans of online shopping, but I am. I think Amazon is complete with everything you need, though everyone's problem is that they don't ship some items here, I've got the solution for you. I use Shipping Cart to get my items from the US to here. Basically, Shipping Cart gives you a virtual address where you can send your orders from different shops and they will ship it to your home for a low shipping fee, in fact, I have orders to be shipped here in a few days

4. Snapcart
Okay, you'll love this, you can earn cashbacks by sending them a photo of your receipts. Yup, real money from your receipts. It's really easy to use and I haven't cashed out yet, but I've read a lot of reviews that this is legit

5. oneSafe
This is an amazing app for all of those forgetful people out there, basically, you can store your passwords here, even your credit card details! No need to put out your wallet when shopping online. You have to pay for the app though because I got this as app of the week

6. Dropbox
This app is AMAZING, no words. I have a lot of my files here and sometimes, I don't even need to bring my USB thanks to this app.

This is what I use to edit my photos on Instagram. I actually purchase filters on this app as well, and it's really worth the money plus, I get to have amazing filters on my pictures to match my current theme on Instagram

8. iBooks
I love books and I think iBooks is the best app to read books because you can highlight and add notes on your books. I actually read my first books here on this app as well.

9. Netflix
This app is Amazing! Ever since it came here in the Philippines, my addiction to this app hasn't died down. I love watching movies and TV Shows, though a subscription is expensive, I think it's worth the money to be able to watch movies and even download them offline on your phone. Read my review on this too here

Well, there you have it! My favorite apps for my iPhone. Let me know your favorite apps below.

(This is not a sponsored post)