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Spotify Premium; My Experiences

Last May 13, I tried out Spotify Premium and yeah I dedicate this post on my experiences.

If you're following me on twitter then you would probably know what happened. If not, I was ranting so much and keeps on annoying the accounts of Spotify because it's been about 7 hours and my account wasn't still on Premium.

It was hard for me to move to Spotify because all my life I've been buying songs on iTunes and I think trying Spotify for P129/month was a good deal so I tried it now it's been weeks since I opened the music app on my phone

To be honest, Spotify isn't that kind of music app that you can really rely on like since I edit a lot of videos, I really need a lot of music and you can't download songs from Spotify, iTunes is still my companion when I edit my videos.

Based on the difficulty, It's very easy to use Spotify actually easier than iTunes because in Spotify, you just click save unlike in iTunes you still have to wait for like 2 or so minutes for your song to download which is kind of annoying when I need to finish a video as soon as possible.

Spotify is also obviously cheaper like only P129/month for unlimited music unlike iTunes which would be like $0.99/song and it costs up to $7 for a whole album

The music in Spotify isn't complete too like there are some circumstances where in I search for a song and it's not there unlike in iTunes, every song I search is there.

The service in Spotify also sucks. Like as I said, I still had to wait like 7 hours for my account to be Premium unlike in iTunes, though there are some circumstances in iTunes where in the album photo disappears and like I don't know what happened

Spotify Premium or iTunes?
For me, iTunes is still the one

Which one is best for me to use?
Well, If you're that kind of person who hates editing and doesn't need music for editing stuff, if you only use music for your own entertainment, and if you're low on budget I think Spotify is for you
But if you're like me, who loves editing stuff, and has enough money to purchase songs with $0.99, then iTunes is for you

Well, I'm sorry if this post was boring. But if I helped you, let me know. If you have more questions you think I could answer, comment it down below