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Imported Sweets

I know based on the title that this post won't be interesting but I just wanna share my experience and the taste test of these goodies

Hi guys! It's been such a long time! My relatives from Davao visited us so I really didn't have time to post more stuff and we were so busy omg but I dedicate this post to one thing I love and probably a lot of teens like me love and that is FOOD

First of all, I'll be leaving a link of where I bought these items below.

Let's start with Red Velvet Oreo and Fudge Stripes. These weren't being sold here in the Philippines so it was quite pricey starting at P315 for the Fudge Stripes and P395 for the Red Velvet Oreos since they were limited edition
Starting of with the taste, Red Velvet Oreo was super yummy like I can't get my hands off the container. I even hide it from my family to prevent them from asking. It was sweet and I really loved how sweet the cream is since it was cream cheese. The sandwiches were red but one downside is that it didn't really taste like Red Velvet which is kind of sad for those red velver lovers but I give it a 8.5/10. As for the Fudge Stripes, It was melted when it arrived but I don't blame the seller for that. Probably because it's hot in the courier. It was yummy but there was that bitter after taste I didn't like so I give this a 7/10

Then I also bought Red Velvet Crinkles now this was the product I finished in a day because it was just so yummy and I can't get it off my hands and I had to give like 2 of them to my relatives which I was sad about because I want it to my self haha I'm so bad
The one I bought was Yana's Red Velvet Crinkles, It was yummy and sweet yes but I think the size of the crinkles were too small. It was like the size of Macaroons. The container was kind of sticky when it arrived so that's one of a downside. Each container had 12 RVC. It was P120 per container which is kind of cheap instead of buying P50 for 3 CRINKLES from this store I used to buy in. I give the taste a 9/10. It was truly worth the money

The last items I bought were DIY Candy Kits and Astronaut Ice Cream. Of course I had to share the Astronaut Ice Cream to my baby cousin. She actually ate more than me. As for the DIY Candy Kit, I made it with my cousins. Each of us made 1 sushi and we ate it haha
The DIY Candy Kit was yummy. I ate the one with the seaweed. The sushi wasn't fruit flavored but different flavors such as grape, ect. It was fun to make and all we needed was water. It was so cool and easy to use and make. I give the taste an 8/10. As for the astronaut ice cream, it wasn't what I expected okay to be honest I didn't like the flavor. It melts in your mouth and my baby cousin liked it more than me. I give the taste a 7/10

The shops where I bought them were from instagram;
click on the text to see the link

Thank you so much for taking time in reading this post. I appreciate it


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