Solutions Professional Rejuvenating Kit

You all know how much I love trying new skincare products, which is why I got so excited when I was chosen to try the Professional Rejuvenating Kit from Solutions. They claim that this set is best for those who want to up their skincare routine and focus on anti-aging.

Their Professional Rejuvenating Kit costs Php 1,115.00 for the small kit and Php 2,900.00 (on sale for Php 2,320.00) for the big kit which contains:
  • Lipid-Free Cleansing Soap
  • Glycolic Toner
  • Sunblock Foundation Cream
  • Natural Kojic Cream
  • Collagen Cream

  • This is best for those with dry and sensitive skin because it moisturizes and does not strip your face of its natural oil. I used to use a foaming face wash and those types of facial wash actually dries the skin, but with this, my face felt cleansed and moisturized. The consistency of this product is like gel and creamy. Kinda reminds me of Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser.

  • This deeply exfoliates the skin to get rid of dead skin cells, dark spots, and blemishes. I’ve actually been looking for glycolic toners beforehand since I heard that it’s a better alternative to facial scrubs, and I’m so glad that this was included in the kit. I haven't been using my facial scrub but despite this, my skin still felt smooth as if I've been scrubbing. I felt like this is one of the reasons why my skin physically improved.

  • This is a day cream that contains sunblock and foundation. What I really love about this cream is that it contains sunblock to protect my skin because I usually use vitamin c serums which can make my skin more sensitive to the sun. Another thing I love about this is that it contains a foundation which helps hide any acne scars or blemishes I have. The consistency of this product is like whip cream

  • This is actually one of their night creams. This product contains kojic cream which is known to help fade dark spots and sun damage. With using this kit, I noticed that my dark spots and acne scars have lightened and I think this is one of the reasons as to why this happened. The consistency of this felt kinda thick but moisturizing.

  • This is also one of their night creams. This contains collagen which helps improve skin elasticity and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I honestly think that I’m not the best to use and review this because of my lack thereof, however, I think it’s nice to use this to avoid signs of aging. This product has the thickest consistency for me, it was quite hard to apply but my face did feel moisturized despite this.

The Verdict
These products worked on me! After almost 2 weeks of usage, my skin felt looked brighter and moisturized. My acne scars have also significantly lightened and I barely get any acne. I highly recommend this if you already have an existing skincare routine and want to upgrade your routine because it contains the essentials to those who have surpassed the puberty stage of getting acne, and those who want to help clear their face of scars from puberty, however, if you're just starting to get familiar with skincare and has no existing routine, I highly recommend you to try their Essential Starter Kit. It contains products to help beginners like you get started with a skincare routine.

I also uploaded a video on Youtube of my Skincare Routine featuring the products mentioned. Check it out here:

Disclaimer: These were sent to me by Solutions in exchange for an honest review. This post does not contain any affiliate links or such.

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