The Latest Trends In Women's Jeans

Jeans make up the foundation of most casual looks. But because they’re so common, it means that you can sometimes take them for granted. Choosing a pair of jeans to wear can actually either make or break your outfit, so it’s important to keep on top of the trends in terms of popular styles and colors.

5 Incredible Recipes With Parma Ham

If you’re a lover of all things Italian and want to create the delicious tastes of places like Bologna and Tuscany in your own home, why not consider cooking with Italian parma ham?

Review: Shero Science Power C Serum

These past few weeks have been a stress for me since 2nd Semester midterms are ending which means hundreds of performance tasks. There were times wherein I’d sleep at 1am and wake up at 4am just to be able to finish a performance task and it hasn’t been great. My face was so congested and dull due to my lack of sleep, to sum it all up, I looked horrible. I’ve been meaning to check out other vitamin c brightening serums ever since I ran out of my old one, and the one that caught my eyes were Shero Science’s Power C Brightening Serum.

How To Enjoy Luxury And Adventure When Traveling

The great thing about being a traveler is, there are really no rules. Some people love the luxury side of things, others love nothing but culture, whilst others are completely all about the adventure and living “rough” in places like hostels.