Travel Experiences You Should Have at Least Once In Your Life

Everyone has a favourite place, often that they return to year after year. If you do this though, you are missing out on some awe-inspiring experiences, and here are just a few of them you should try.

Go On A Long Sea Journey

Flights have made the world a much smaller place to travel around, but you miss so much when you are high in the sky. Go on a long boat journey instead. There are some places that it can take as long as 18 hours to get to on one of the local boats designed for the purpose. See the coast disappear in the distance and enjoy the tranquillity of being at sea. Watch the sunrise or go down, depending on the time of your trip, and relish seeing land appear again in the distance.


Surfing is great fun and if you have never done it before, there are plenty of schools willing to teach you to be safe while you enjoy the experience. At Crescent Head Surf Camp, for example, you can enjoy learning how to surf in beautiful surroundings. Once you’ve got the knack, you can enjoy the activity wherever you visit that has an ocean.

Train Journeys

Most people have been on short train journeys, perhaps they use trains to commute or to get to their town centre. But long train journeys are something a bit different. You live in the lap of luxury as you travel through the most amazing places, and even get to stop at a few of them. Across Australia, for instance, can take 4 days. You are waited on and fed great food, while you sit back and enjoy the experience. The Orient Express is another train journey that is rather special, but there are many of them around the world.

Experience Different Cultures

Travel to some of the islands in Southeast Asia, or visit a country such a Vietnam. Experience cultures that are nothing like the one you live in and you may be amazed how some people live. The people in Southeast Asia, for example, are said to be some of the friendliest in the world. Their cuisine is very cheap and tasty, and you will get to see some eye-watering beautiful scenery while you are there.

Be In Awe Of Something Really Old

Stand in from of the Colosseum in Rome or the pyramids in Egypt. These ancient wonders will make you feel very humble when you realise the hard work that went into building them, and that they are still standing after so much time has elapsed. They have survived world wars, and natural disasters and still proudly stand where they were first built.

Living On Php 100 a day

Most of us are used to buying what food we want, but there are people who do not have that luxury. Try living on Php 100 a day for a month, and see how they manage on so little. It is possible to do, although you may be eating foods you would not normally try. This can be a real learning experience, and you might just find that you like some of your new diet.

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