How To: Edit Your Photos for Instagram

Me being an Instagram user for over 3 years is quite impressing for me actually. I used to post everything I see and it's funny how I post only once a week or twice a month now. It's also inevitable how a lot has an Instagram theme. It's also quite hard to maintain that Instagram theme if the photo you want to post doesn't match your theme.
In this post, I will be showing you how I edit my instagram photos and how to get started on a theme

If you are a follower of my Instagram account, you would notice how my photos are so bright. I have been obtaining this theme for maybe a year and it wasn't easy. There were photos which I wanted to post but as I said, they don't match my Instagram feed.
I use 3 specific apps to edit my photos:
1. VSCO Cam
This is where I get my filter, I use the filter “T1”, and do some photo retouching like shadow, highlights, saturation, etc.
2. Adobe Photoshop Fix
This is where I do my final retouching before I post the photo.
3. Phonto
This is where I add the watermark and square crop my photos.
Using the same filter in all of your instagram post is super important. One mistake can ruin your feed.
To start your own theme, you need to download photo editing apps, I do recommend VSCO Cam. Choosing your filter is a very difficult decision. It needs to match your personality. It's okay to make mistakes and redo your feed but them too much is never okay. Changing your theme again and again can confuse your followers. Don't try to copy someone's theme. You need to be original and be yourself.
Once you settled on a theme, make sure to maintain it. Be sure to check if your edited photo matches your theme before posting it. Placing the photo beside your IG theme is a good idea. Once you post your photo, use a caption which matches the caption of your other posts.
A good theme gives you more followers and likes. It's okay to make mistakes. It takes time to practice. Did you know that I used to have over 1,000 posts and 3,000 following on my IG account? I deleted and unfollowed a lot of users just so that I can accomplish a theme. Thank you for everything. I'm sorry if I wasn't able to post for 3 months.


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